Toy Story 4 is coming in 2017

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In what has to be the best news of the day, John Lasseter has confirmed he will be returning to direct Toy Story 4 and it will be released in 2017.

toy story 810x1024 Toy Story 4 is coming in 2017It seems that one of the greatest trilogies ever (along with The Godfather and The Dark Knight) may become the greatest quadrilogy of all time. Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the rest of the gang will return to the big screens for another adventure in June 2017.

Talk of a Toy Story 4 has been going around ever since the third instalment came out to rave reviews back in 2010. Of course, the guys behind that film finished the film on a sad yet high note, with all the toys being given to a young girl after Andy leaves for college.

Although no news has yet been announced in regards to the plot of the fourth film, we can assume it will be based around the gang and Bonnie’s other toys (such as Mr Prickle Pants) and a new adventure.

There is also no news whether Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and the rest of the voice actors will return, but it’s highly doubtful they won’t as the Toy Story franchise is huge and a massive deal for children and their parents all over the world.

More on Toy Story 4 when we have it.

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