Nerd Forever (2014) short film review

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A young boy finds himself stuck in a video game and, with the help of his friends, tries to escape in the short film Nerd Forever. The review for Nerd Forever is after the jump.

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A group of young boys are snorkeling in the ocean when they come across a small package in the coral. They take it home and reluctantly open it, only to find a Nintendo DS game of all things. Obviously, curiosity gets the better of them and they insert the game into their console, only for one of them to be sucked inside the game itself. An evil mushroom then appears on the screen and informs the boys that they must complete his game challenges in order to rescue their friend.

Nerd Forever is a fun short film from director Mario Caroni. The team behind the short have managed to make something on a small budget seem rather expensive, as special effects are thrown in abundance. We see Leonardo inside the game and outside as a computer graphic, where he has to pass three stages of tests, with each one increasing in difficulty. The first is like Mario where he must jump along a brick wall whilst avoiding fire, turtles and a giant Pac-Man.

The second stage sees Leonardo in a first-person shoot-em-up and, somewhat surprisingly, the violence is turned all the way up as bad guys are shot with a rifle; blood splattering the environment. The third sees young Leonardo dressed up like Ryu from Street Fighter, where he must fight to the death against a female ninja, a la Mortal Kombat. poster 575x1024 Nerd Forever (2014) short film review

The fighting section was actually my favourite of the bunch. It was extremely well choreographed and the editing of the fight itself was sublime. It really is that good.

There are a few problems with Nerd Forever though. Sometimes the sound didn’t quite match the visuals. The first scene in the sea, you could easily tell that ADR was used and the young actors were relaying their lines in a studio. Also, as we had to watch the film with English Subtitles, the translation wasn’t perfect; with some spelling mistakes and the wording was used in too large a font – taking up a lot of the screen.

Overall though, I really enjoyed Nerd Forever. The short does have its problems here and there, but it is fun and the concept is great.

3 / 5 stars     

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