Schlock Fish (2014) short film review

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A man is obsessed with capturing a large, rare and aggressive fish in the short comedy film Schlock Fish. We have the review of Schlock Fish right here after the jump.

chlock fish Schlock Fish (2014) short film review

Every once in a while, you come across a short film that doesn’t take itself too seriously but looks and sounds better than many large budgeted feature films. Schlock Fish is one of them. Directed by Esteban Uribe (Riff), Schlock Fish sees a large European Sounding man called Olav Zanger (Kris Swinnen) who is intent on capturing the titular creature, especially after the large fish tore out his eyeball on his birthday.

Much like Wile E Coyote trying to capture the sneaky Road Runner, Zanger tries everything in his box of tricks in order to kill the fish and hang it on his walls as a trophy. This includes dynamite, spear throwing and more. All of which is very humorous and you find yourself laughing at the absurd lengths Zanger goes through just to gain revenge.

schlock fish poster Schlock Fish (2014) short film reviewRight off the bat, you see just how beautifully shot the short film is. The framing, shots and colour grading of Schlock Fish are nigh on perfect. Lukasz Pruchnik does a wonderful job as the cinematographer; the setting of a secluded house on a lake is captured by Pruchnik fantastically. The look of the short really does seem like a lot of money was spent and, although we are unaware of the actual budget, I will bet my house on it actually costing next to nothing. This is the result of talented filmmakers coming together to make a short to showcase their skills.

The music and sound effects are all top notch and fit in well with the film, as does the editing. Esteban Uribe edited his own film which shows that he isn’t a one-trick pony to say the least. I have to admit that the fast cuts of different fish at the start of the short made me laugh out loud. It’s brilliantly done.

Overall, I was really surprised at how much I liked Schlock Fish. I’m not a big fan on fishing but I’m glad I got to witness the battle of wits between the Schlock and Olav Zanger. I’m now looking forward to seeing what Uribe and his team comes up with next.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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