Le Linceul (2018) short film review

Waitress Katic makes a bet with some customers that she can walk around a graveyard three times at midnight without getting scared. It’s a bet that has terrifying consequences for Katic and her entire family in Marie Vandelannoote’s French horror short “Le Linceul”.

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Descensus Ad Mortem (2018) short film review

An elderly widow must overcome her fear of falling and descend the stairs of her beach-front property in order to find what her late husband has left for her, buried in the sand beneath. We take a look at writer-director Eric Bair’s 15-minute short film ‘Descensus Ad Mortem’.

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Mulk (2018) short film review

Tom’s day starts bizarrely in the short comedy film Mulk from David Esposito. Check out our review right after the jump.

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Millennium After The Millennium (2018) review

After The X-Files came the short-lived series Millennium, starring Lance Henrikson. Now, nearly twenty years after it left our screens, Jason D Morris brings us a documentary looking at the beloved show in Millennium After The Millennium.


Imposter (2018) short film review

Chris Esper returns with his latest short film Imposter, a look at people from all walks of life who suffer from anxiety. Check out the review.


Fruit Bat II (2016) short film review

The second episode in a web-series the revolves around a vegetarian vampire, we review Fruit Bat II from writer/director Alex J. Murphy.