Burnzy’s Last Call: Director’s Cut (2022) film review

A day in the life of a New York City dive bar and the denizens that inhabit it. Set in the waning days of the Eighties, an era marked by excess and self-invention, this is Michael De Avila’s Burnzy’s Last Call: Director’s Cut.

Before We Break (2022) short film review

When a young journalist accidentally reports a fake story, he must go along with the lie to further grow his career. This is Jake Williams’ directorial debut Before We Break.

Hope (2022) film review

When a vlogger suffers a serious injury on her latest adventure, her optimism and positive outlook on life get pushed to their limits as she fights to survive in Bobby Marno’s survival thriller Hope.

Boy in the Corner (2022) film review

The backward system of society pushes another dream-filled boy to the curb, and with his aspiration suppressed, Myles is at risk of falling into the attractive arms of gang life in Joshy Lee’s Boy In The Corner.

The Menu (2022) short film review

In the future, when people are no longer able to experience emotions, a glamorous couple visits a fancy restaurant where they are served exactly what they are hungry for in Natasha Kinaru’s The Menu.