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The Ribbon on the Kite (2018) short film review

Daerik, an army veteran, returns to his hometown after being discharged from military service. Now homeless and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, Daerik tries to drown out the memories of a failed mission in Afghanistan with alcohol.

INLAND FREAKS Official Poster

Inland Freaks (2018) short film review

A group of men take part in an experimental treatment programme in order to try and cure themselves of their forbidden desires in the short film Inland Freaks.


Round Trip (2018) short film review

In the middle of the Australian Outback, Constable Rose is escorting his prisoner Ned Williams to their eventual destination. All the while trying to avoid being Injured, shot, eaten and most importantly of all, Ned escaping.

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Nicola: A Touching Story (2018) review

Suffering from a rare condition, Nicola is forced to face her fears when her home is invaded in the short film Nicola: A Touching Story from director Dev Seth.


Destiny (2018) short film review

Tanya is all smiles due to her blossoming online relationship with new boyfriend Derek. However, when Derek phones to end the relationship, Tanya doesn’t take kindly to his decision and hatches a plot to make his life miserable.


Glossary of Broken Dreams (2018) review

A mishmash of puppets, pixels, stop motion and live action stock footage, Austrian director Johannes Grenzfurthner gives us an insight into his mind and ideology with this cinematic revue about politics.