MetaHunter (2019) short film review

A short mockumentary by director Georgia Agbodjan, Metahunter sees us delve into the world of retired superheroes. Check out our review.


Salton Sea (2019) review

Hoping to convince his wife that a promotion across the country could change their lives, Brian takes her on a trip to a faded resort town where they once honeymooned. We take a look at Michael Stevantoni’s Salton Sea.


90 Feet From Home (2019) review

A baseball player returns home to confront his abusive stepfather in Brett Bentman’s powerful drama 90 Feet From Home. Check out our review.


Soiree (2019) short film review

An egotistical man is invited to a party by his new girlfriend, but this may well be an invitation he should have turned down in Charles Doran’s new short film Soiree.


Exit 0 (2019) review

A young couple set off on a weekend getaway but their innocent vacation turns into a nightmare when the man discovers a VHS videotape that shows a murder happening in the very same room they are staying in. We review Exit 0.


Keep It In The Streets (2019) review

Based around a group of photographers who aim to interact with the public through their art, we take a look at the feature documentary Keep It In The Streets from director Everett Bumstead.