Shutter Final Poster_ Andres Ramirez

Shutter (2020) short film review

A newly promoted police detective finds himself questioning a brilliantly deceptive photographer over the disappearances of a young model. Read on for our review of writer/director Andres Ramirez’s thriller Shutter.

Haunter - Poster

Haunter (2020) short film review

A man is awoken from his sleep by things that go bump in the night so he decides to venture downstairs to investigate. Here is our review of Philip Brocklehurst’s Haunter.


Yesteryear (2020) short film review

Using a mixture of archive material and home movie footage, director Chris Esper gives us a visual documentary that reflects upon the past to shine a positive light on what is now considered a more cynical world. Here is our review of the short film Yesteryear.

this is me

This is ME (2019) short film review

With the burden of an invisible disability and the expectations of her well-meaning father, an upcoming job interview might just be a struggle too far for a young lady suffering from CFS/ME in This Is ME.


Toaster (2020) short film review

A Middle Eastern man becomes radicalized when his family becomes victims of the West’s cruel and vicious foreign policy decisions. As a result, he goes to Canada to exact his revenge. Read on to see our review of Triden V Balasingham’s politically-charged thriller, Toaster.

Perpetual Anamnesis Poster

Perpetual Anamnesis (2020) short film review

As a man makes a routine video call to his wife isolated on the other side of the country, the reality of their relationship becomes clear. Read on to see how we rate Joseph Vilapaz’s low-tech but very timely science fiction short, Perpetual Anamnesis.