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Infinitus (2020) short film review

Science has failed and an operation to harness energy from the sun has resulted in disaster. With the light from the sun now gone, humanity attempts to reverse the damage before the world freezes completely. Here is our review of Infinitus.


Nemesis (2020) short film review

A young businesswoman, on her path to success, betrays her best friend and winds up in a deadly game. Here is Screen Critix review of Writer/Director Tim Earnhart’s short sci-fi actioner ‘Nemesis’.


Torchlight (2020) short film review

A reluctant debt collector for a funeral home must pay a visit to some old friends who have defaulted on their loan. We take a look at the short drama Torchlight.


Ha:Na (2020) short film review

A girl struggles to find her identity through the reflections of her masters past. This is our review of director Isadora Verissimo’s sci-fi cautionary tale ‘Ha:Na’.

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Typhoon (2020) short film review

An escaped convict on his way to Texas strikes a deal with a young misfit. This is Screen Critix review of writer and director Andy Kastelic’s new short drama ‘Typhoon’.

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The Loner (2020) short film review

A surreal romantic short film about a lonely young man whose life is changed when somebody decides to sit next to him. Here is our review of director Philip Brocklehurst’s Loner.