Success movie poster

Success (2019) short film review

In order to become successful, some sacrifices will need to be made, as found out by a documentary filmmaker in Scott Danzig’s short film Success.


I Miss The War (2018) short film review

Three estranged sisters meet up for the anniversary of their mother’s death, but the day doesn’t go as planned in Andrew Walsh’s short film I Miss The War.


Hideous (2019) short film review

A woman’s day takes a turn for the worst when a mysterious-yet-eloquent man appears in her florist shop. We review Hamish Robertson’s short film Hideous.

tech, support

Tech, Support (2018) short film review

Nic Barker returns with a short film that is centred around the subject of “mansplaining” and the patronization that many women experience. Check out the review of Tech, Support.


The Perfect Murder (2019) short film review

A struggling actor, with dreams of making it big, hatches a plan to kill his wealthy wife in order to inherit the fortune she will leave behind. We review Vikkramm Chandirramani’s new short film The Perfect Murder.

Monday poster Jpeg

Monday (2018) review

After being fired from his job, dumped by his girlfriend and hounded by creditors, Jim tries to put his life back together only to find himself in the middle of a cartel war, forced into attempting murder and fleeing from two violent hit women. Here is our take on Alejandro Montoya Marin’s ‘Monday.’