scars poster

Scars (2020) short film review

A young girl wakes up to investigate what is lying behind a series of mysterious occurrences only to step into a dark spiral of terror and buried family secrets. Here is the Screen Critix review of writer-director Diego Di Iorio short horror Scars.

the duchess of cancun poster

The Duchess of Cancun (2018) review

A young man, still in love with his self-destructive ex-girlfriend, agrees to join her on a trip to Cancun where he ends up meeting a local girl, forcing him to question everything he wants in life. This is Mike Gallant’s romantic dramedy The Duchess of Cancun.


Effigy – Poison And The City (2020) review

In the German city of Bremen, two very different women collide in a world that has no place for either of them. One strives for a career in law, the other works against it. This is Udo Flohr’s historical thriller Effigy – Poison And The City.

crossing shajy ground

Crossing Shaky Ground (2020) review

During a business trip to Astoria, Oregon, Aaron is caught in the middle of a huge Earthquake that forces him to make his way back home on foot. Unsure of what he will find or even if he will survive the trip, we follow him on his 725-mile journey to Portland. This is Paul Bright’s […]


It’s Just A Game (2018) review

A teenage misfit bullied by her peers summons a bizarre cult who are intent on doing her dirty work for her. Here is our review of writer/director Daniel Emery Taylor’s It’s Just A Game.


PN and Friends Episode 20: Summer Distancing (2020) web series review

Manchild simpleton PN tries to make it through lockdown and all of the new rules that entail with the help of the internet, Zoom and all of his friends. Here is our review of Episode 20 of the cult hit web series PN and Friends.