The Enormity of Life (2021) review

A suicidal man, who finds that he has been left a large inheritance from an old aunt, sets off on a journey of self-discovery along with a single mother and her daughter in The Enormity of Life.

Cactus (2018) short film review

A woman wakes up in the bed of a man she met the night before, only to find the corpse of a gangster downstairs in the mafia-based black comedy short Cactus.

Oh Jeff! (2021) short film review

An idealist and a revolutionary gather for a summer barbecue to discuss the state of employment and employee rights, when the richest man in the world stops by to address some accusations in the short film Oh Jeff!

The Plastic & The Penguin (2019) short film review

By using penguins and a voice-over to narrate, Director Henry West pushes the issue of discarded plastics that are harming wildlife and the environment in the micro-short film The Plastic & The Penguin.