Polaroid (2021) short film review

A man’s evening is interrupted by the arrival of a strange man who may not be who he first seems in the short thriller Polaroid from writer/director Dante Aubain.

No Stars Anymore (2021) short film review

A female SWAT agent has a premonition about the end of days before participating in a series of missions that point to her dream becoming reality in the short film No Stars Anymore.

Gates (2021) short film review

Two estranged sisters take a camping trip across rural England in order to reignite their relationship in the short drama film Gates. Here is our review.

Green Lanes (2021) short film review

A son takes his girlfriend to meet his Turkish parents for the first time, the whole family has to talk about and face a tragedy from the past that still affects their life on a daily basis. This is Green Lanes.