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Arrow Video November 2017 releases announced

Winter chills mean just that this November, as Arrow Video release a snowy horror sci-fi, a contemporary thriller, a Fifties sci-fi frightener, as well as a jailhouse classic, a cult Brit crime comedy, and a limited edition collection of a Japanese auteur’s early works.

apples for bullies

Apples for Bullies (2017) short film review

Valerie is a young girl living on the streets with little more than a violin to keep her company. Apples for Bullies is a short film from 10-year-old Abigail Friend.

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2017 Screen Critix Awards – The Results

The envelopes are ready to be opened and film makers eagerly wait with baited breath. The time has come to announce the winners of the 2017 Screen Critix awards.

the telephone poster

The Telephone (2017) short film review

A journalist’s search for a missing woman takes him to her last known whereabouts – a strange pub where a telephone constantly rings. We check out the psychological horror short The Telephone.

amber poster

Amber (2017) short film review

Infatuated with a member of a successful boy band, a teenage girl takes her obsession to another, darker level in the short film Amber.

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2017 Screen Critix Awards – The Nominees

The nominations for the first annual Screen Critix awards have been announced, showcasing the very best independent features and short films reviewed by Screen Critix over the last twelve months.