Safely To Shore (2019) short film review

After being found deep in the woods seemingly unable to recall her identity, a young girl and a self-harming prostitute cross paths to discover their mysterious connection to one another. Here is our review of Matthew R Ford’s Safely To Shore.

TONY - Official Film Poster 1- Hugo Diego Garcia

Tony (2019) short film review

A Spanish immigrant living in 1980s France fights to escape a world of violence and destruction in Tony, the stylish new crime flick from director/actor Hugo Diego Garcia. Check out our review to find out what we thought now!

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Symmetry (2020) short film review

At just three minutes in length, Symmetry is a micro-short film that takes a look at the damage humans are causing to the Earth. We take a look at Robert Plaza’s thought-provoking film.

silhouette poster

Silhouette (2019) review

Tension and dread run high in Mitch McLeod’s character based psychological Horror movie about the gradual breakdown of a couple’s marriage. Check out our review now!

I am the Wanderer - Poster

I Am The Wanderer (2019) review

I Am the Wanderer is a surreal 40-minute film, which is difficult to contain in a conventional plot description, both because of the surreal nature of the content on the screen, and also without spoiling anything about the narrative.

hoop poster

Hoop (2018) short film review

Directed by Robert Bell III, Hoop is a coming-of-age story which tells the tale of protagonist Hoop, a lonely boy stuck in the ruts of life that surround him.