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Meeting MacGuffin (2018) short film review

A sequel to the multi-award-winning short film ‘Hanging By A Thread’ which was released in 2013; Meeting MacGuffin re-introduces us to a new breed of scientists, the Clothespin Freaks, who have been scouring a post-apocalyptic future earth

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B is for Bully (2018) review

With cases of young people committing suicide as a consequence of cyberbullying, increasing we take a look at writer-director Denise C Francis ‘B is for Bully’ a new educational film aimed at secondary school children.


Farewell to the Ark (2018) short film review

Shizuko and Jie are two lonely and reclusive young people who remain cocooned in their rooms most of the day, but play online games together. Although neither has met the other they form an online friendship and during a conversation, Shizuko convinces Jie


Lifeline (2018) short film review

A woman in despair calls a suicide hotline and the operator who takes her call must do everything in his power to keep her on the line. Will he lose her forever or will she find the will to live? Here is our review of L. Marcus Williams thought-provoking drama ‘Lifeline’.

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Pocketman and Cargo Boy (2018) review

Agent Jayden Hill has a dream of starting up a school where he can train teenagers to become super secret agents. They then must travel back in time in order to stop an evil Doctor in Clay Moffatt’s independent spy film Pocketman and Cargo Boy.

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Mountain (2018) short film review

Three US soldiers are left to fight for survival after being trapped behind enemy lines during World War II. Here is our review of Johnny Herbin’s new short film the 7-minute war drama ‘Mountain’.