Unaccountable (2018) short film review

Welcome to Imperial Valley California once a place of huge popularity abuzz with holidaymakers and tourists but now a polluted wasteland of sand, mud and fish bones.

something poster

Something (2018) review

A young couple struggle to adjust to life with their new baby and their situation becomes worse as they begin to suffer from sleep deprivation in the independent movie Something.

the narrator poster 2

The Narrator (2018) short film review

Katelyn is surprised and angered after she realises she is just a character within a movie whose life is being orchestrated by a narrator in Nicholas Connor’s latest short film The Narrator.


Tragic Consequence (2018) short film review

An intergalactic bounty hunter is sent to earth in order to capture a hostile alien intent on gathering intelligence and then destroying the world. We review Joseph Villapaz’ latest short Tragic Consequence.

last resort

Last Resort (2018) short film review

After a recent mental breakdown, a social outcast named Luke has trouble reassessing his life and getting it back on track, in the short film Last Resort.

ribbon on the kite poster

The Ribbon on the Kite (2018) short film review

Daerik, an army veteran, returns to his hometown after being discharged from military service. Now homeless and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, Daerik tries to drown out the memories of a failed mission in Afghanistan with alcohol.