A Broken Arrow (2020) short film review

A troubled teenager hangs out with his friends while also undergoing therapy to overcome his demons and help him distinguish between fact and fiction. Here is our review of Joshua and Sasha Nelson’s psychological drama A Broken Arrow.

mills creek

Occurrence at Mills Creek (2020) review

Following the deaths of her mother and sister a young woman burdened by guilt begins to be plagued by the darkness that was hidden in her family’s past. Here is our review of Don Swanson’s psychological horror Occurrence at Mills Creek.

frame poster

Frame (2020) short film review

Alex and Sophia look back on an 11-month whirlwind romance full of memories of love, laughter, joy, and pain. This is Screen Critix review of writer/director Andres Ramirez’s romantic drama Frame.

irl poster

IRL (2020) film review

A love story for our times that explores the joys, loneliness, triumphs and heartbreaks of modern dating and online relationships. Here is our review of director Ricardo Perez-Selsky’s romantic dramedy IRL.

tsunami falls

Tsunami Falls (2020) short film review

As a devastating tsunami rushes towards him, a man looks back on his life in order to work out if it has all been worth it. Read on for our review of the award-winning director and writer Brian McWha’s disaster drama Tsunami Falls.

I'm God - Poster

I’m God (2020) short film review

A mentally unstable man commits an atrocious act of violence towards a family and then tries to justify his motives. This is the Screen Critix review of Philip Brocklehurst’s latest short Film I’m God.