The Symbol of Life - Poster

The Symbol of Life (2020) short film review

To call filmmaker Philip Brocklehurst prolific would be an understatement. Every month it seems we have a new film of his to review. I’m a huge fan of his enthusiasm and as such here is our review of his latest opus the micro-short The Symbol Of Life.

Peaky Blinders V

Famous Faces we could see in Peaky Blinders Series 6

Peaky Blinders has enjoyed a stellar run of five seasons to this point, and the fan base for the BBC show is only increasing. The show has gained cult-like status from fans around the world, with the trademark flat cap now a common fashion statement.

killing eve 2

Dramas We Can’t Wait To Return This Year

There is nothing better than binge-watching a must-see drama. However, the worst part about doing that is when you finally reach the end. Once you have finished, you need to wait for a prolonged amount of time for the next instalment to begin.

main Psycho Poster

Psycho-Therapy (2019) review

A psychiatrist, under tremendous pressure, snaps and takes her vengeance out on her patients in this dark comedy horror. Here is Screen Critix review of writer/director Joshua Nelson’s Psycho-Therapy.

where is nancy poster

Where is Nancy? (2020) review

On October 2016, 55-year-old Nancy Paulikas was visiting the LA Museum with her family and friends. On their trip, Nancy went to the bathroom and never returned. This is her story and the Screen Critix review of director Thiago Dadalt’s Alzheimer documentary ‘Where Is Nancy?’

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Funny Fat Guy (2015) review

Charlie McStean is a struggling stand-up comic searching for laughs but can only find booze, drugs, fast food and depression. Here is the Screen Critix review of Funny Fat Guy.