Burn in Hell Poster

Burn in Hell (2015) short film review

A man’s infidelity leads him to commit an awful crime in the short thriller Burn in Hell. We review the Jarno Lee Vinsencius short film right here on Screen Critix.

An Afterlife

An Afterlife (2017) short film review

An Art house short film that tackles the difficult and confusing topic of death and what comes after; we review the short film An Afterlife.

arrow july releases

Arrow Video announce July 2017 releases

The summer fun continues for film fans in July, as Arrow deliver a bulging picnic basket packed with splatter flicks, J-Horror, crime classics, superior sequels and unmissable documentaries.

The Bigfoot Hunters

The Bigfoot Hunters (2016) short film review

A group of ragtag people gather to exchange stories of Bigfoot sightings but, unbeknown to them, they are about to get a very close encounter with the hairy beast. We review The Bigfoot Hunters.

triangle-poster (1)

Triangle (2017) short film review

A man wakes up on a sidewalk, lost and confused. He then takes a journey back to a place he once called home. We review the short film by Christopher Fox – Triangle.

mob poster

Meat on Bones (2016) short film review

A naive council worker gets more than he wishes for when tasked with serving an eviction notice to a caravan-dwelling alcoholic in the short film Meat on Bones.