A Thing of Dreams Poster_29Jun2018

A Thing of Dreams (2019) short film review

A young and seemingly happy couple have their lives changed whilst undertaking a new prescription drug that controls the content of their dreams in the new short film a Thing of Dreams.


Paid in Full (2018) short film review

A young man is given a new lease of life from a stranger in John Hopper’s latest short Christian drama Paid in Full. We take a look at the film, right here.


Powering On: Looking Forward, Never Back (2019) review

Powering On: Looking Forward, Never Back is a short documentary on John Rigby – a champion bodybuilder and marathon runner who is 91 years young.

loving martin

Loving Martin (2018) short film review

Based on a true story, we take a look at Elmer J. Howard’s Loving Martin, a short film that centres around a turbulent relationship between two men.

one chance poster

One Chance (2019) short film review

Tackling the subject of bullying, a young girl tries to make it onto a soccer team by attempting to score a penalty in the short film One Chance.


Duke (2018) short film review

Autistic teenager Duke Peters lives a life of silence. He has no voice to speak from and can seemingly only communicate through groans, shouts and violent outbursts. As his family begins to fall apart under the pressure of caring for him, Duke must find his voice in order to keep them all together. We take […]