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Funny Fat Guy (2015) review

Charlie McStean is a struggling stand-up comic searching for laughs but can only find booze, drugs, fast food and depression. Here is the Screen Critix review of Funny Fat Guy.

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Overwhelm the Sky (2019) review

An Existential Neo-Noir loosely adapted from Charles Brockden Brown’s 1799 novel Edgar Huntly, or Memoirs of a Sleepwalker. Here is our review of Daniel Kremer’s nearly 3-hour independent epic Overwhelm The Sky.

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The Doors Between Us (2019) review

Eight strangers are tested like never before when they wake up and find themselves locked up inside a mysterious house. Here is our review of director Maximillian Aguiar’s improvised comedy feature film The Doors Between Us.


Nightingale (2019) short film review

A grieving young couple does their best while trying to come to terms with the death of their newborn child. This is a review of writer/director Edward Palmer’s psychological drama Nightingale.

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Rendezvous (2019) short film review

A Congressman’s daring scheme to have his younger wife murdered is nearly foiled when she makes a sudden change of plans and decides to visit her mother in Maine. Here is Screen Critix Review of writer-director Seth Kozak and Damian Veilleux’s noir-style thriller, Rendezvous.

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Bold & Brash: Filmmaking Boisvert Style (2014) review

With no experience or training, Simon Boisvert embarks on a creative adventure of writing directing and producing self-financed micro-budget narrative films. Since his debut made six feature films. This documentary takes us on his journey through the good times and mostly the bad times of his career.