Another Day (2022) short film review

It’s just another day in a rough neighborhood, as a desensitized man goes about his daily routine while crime and other terrible incidents occur around him. This is Jacob Thompson’s Another Day.

I’m Not Here (2022) film review

Filmed on the Hawthorn Ward of St James’ Psychiatric Hospital, filmmaker and schizophrenic Juno Jakob explores his devastating diagnosis and what it means to be truly ‘mad’ in the documentary I’m Not Here.

Devil’s Hollow (2022) film review

An ex-con under house arrest must risk his freedom to save his estranged teenage daughter from his former criminal associates in director/writer Chris Easterly’s feature-length crime thriller Devil’s Hollow.

When Everything’s Gone (2022) film review

In the wake of a devastating plague that has killed most of the world’s population, a man named Rory searches for survivors, answers, and hope in a post-apocalyptic world, where nothing is quite as it seems. This is Alex Alessi and Jeff Stewart’s When Everything’s Gone.

Sofa Surfer (2022) short film review

A sofa surfer seeks a place for the night. As everybody turns him down, he must face the demons of an old addiction. Here is our review of Michele Olivieri’s drama Sofa Surfer.

The Burglary (2021) short film review

After his flat is burgled, Seth struggles against his flatmate, the police, and the tower block in which he lives to regain his stolen possessions and find the intruder in The Burglary.