Matinee (1993) Blu-ray review

A film director uses practical effects to deliver a bigger show when his new film plays at a small town cinema during the Cuban missile crisis. We review Arrow Video’s release of Matinee.

luna poster

Luna (2016) short film review

Two homeless boys in Australia try to survive against the elements and each other in the short drama – Luna. Read our review right here on Screen Critix.

dead end

Dead-End Drive-In (1986) Blu-ray review

Set in a dystopian Australian future, a young couple find themselves stuck in a drive-in theatre with gangs and street punks in the 80’s flick Dead-End Drive-In.

new knife

Life (AKA The Boy Who Commits a Murder) 2016 short film review

A teenage boy can only be pushed so far until he snaps in the short British film Life (AKA The Boy Who Commits a Murder). Check out our review, right here.

HANGMEN_ALSO_DIE_2D_BD-500x500 (1)

Hangmen Also Die! (1943) Blu-ray review

After the German “Hangman” is murdered, Franticek Svoboda (Brian Donlevy) finds himself on the run from the Nazis in Fritz Lang’s classic war film Hangmen Also Die! Check out our review.

jamaica inn

Arrow Academy November releases announced

A trio of classic films will be released in November courtesy of Arrow Academy, including Alfred Hitchcock’s classic – Jamaica Inn. Check out the details here.