The Damned (2017) short film review

Set in a dystopian future, we get to peek into the lives of a few people who live in a city which is surrounded by a huge wall in Fred Cavender’s short film The Damned.


Between A Rock & A Hard Place (2017) review

While being chased by bullies along the wilds of the Scottish coast, young Neil takes refuge in the secluded home of Walter an elderly man living a hermit-like existence.


A Lesson in Cruelty (2018) review

A horrible boss is thrown a birthday party by his wronged employees in the comedy movie A Lesson in Cruelty by director Alexander Salazar.

ezer kenegdo poster

Ezer Kenegdo (2017) review

Ezer Kenegdo a film, written, directed by and starring Daniel Kremer and Deniz Demirer opens with a quote from the Talmud Balvi.


Grind (2017) short film review

Having left Liberia to start a new life in the U.S. Robert Wilmote tries to keep away from the gangster lifestyle and better himself in the short film Grind by Yuri Alves.

Lady Electric Movie Poster

Lady Electric (2017) short film review

A deaf woman who longs for the life she once had, finds inspiration from an unlikely source in the short drama Lady Electric from Mirella Christou.