Monsoon (2018) review

In the hot desert monsoon season of Arizona, two best friends have trouble letting go of each other after a tragedy rips them apart. Here is our review of Miguel Duran’s Monsoon.

Bent Poster Final

Bent (2018) short film review

Two police officers are investigated by internal affairs following a bloody drugs bust in Chris Esper’s latest short film Bent.

how jack became black

How Jack Became Black (2018) review

By 2050, it is projected that at least 20% of all Americans will self-identify as two or more races so what will this mean to a nation tormented by race? Filmmaker Eli Steele takes us on a personal journey to find out how this will affect his family and what boxes he may have to […]

the greta fragments poster

The Greta Fragments (2018) short film review

Greta is a young girl with her whole life ahead of her and a few decisions to make in the present. Should she become what people expect her too or should she go after what she really wants? Here is our review of Nic Barker.s new film The Greta Fragments.

devil poster

Devil (2018) short film review

Dev Bhramar strikes a deal with a home care nurse called Maya to look after his very ill mother in her last few days. This, in turn, triggers a strange turn of events in Kshitij Sharma’s film adaptation of author Guy De Maupassant’s famous short story, Le Diable.


Stronger (2019) short film review

A frustrated and angry man decides to take his problems and deviances out on the women he meets during his daily life. We take a look at Rahul Nath and Kshitij Salve’s 20-minute drama about sexual assault; Stronger.