The Walking Dead series 4 episode 5 review

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The Prison and its inhabitants are in serious trouble in “Internment”. Screen Critix reviews The Walking Dead series 4 episode 5, right after the jump.

Contains spoilers.

The main talking point from episode 5 of series 4 is obviously the ending, but we will get to that. The episode starts off with Rick driving back to the prison sans Carol. If you remember, Rick told Carol that she was not welcome due to her murdering two sick patients a couple of episodes earlier. He is welcomed back by Maggie and they decide to try and reinforce the fencing.

Meanwhile, Hershel is doing his rounds in the sick bay, along with Glenn. More are getting sick and dying due to the flu epidemic. hershel The Walking Dead series 4 episode 5 review

Glenn takes a turn for the worse as the dead start to turn into zombies. An inmate lets off a round from his gun and Maggie runs to investigate – only getting there in time to kill two zombies. Both Maggie and Hershel then attempt to keep Glenn alive.

The fencing around the prison finally gives way while Rick and Carl are trying to fix it. They are soon backed up by a legion of the undead and are forced to take them down with automatic rifles, all before Michone, Daryl, Tyreese and Bob make it back with supplies of medicine.

Now for the ending. As Rick and Carl are in the garden picking peas, we cut to someone watching the prison near the main gate – The Governor. Yes, the one-eyed bad guy from season 3 is back. He obviously wants to get his revenge on the gang in the prison, but how will he go about it? We for one can’t wait.

Episode 5 from season 4 was a great instalment.  It featured some great set-pieces and enough tension to make the forty minutes seem to go a lot quicker. The late addition of The Governor has certainly gained our attention. We also have to say that the addition of the song ‘Oats in the Water’ by Ben Howard was brilliantly used a couple of times in this episode. Also, Hershel is fast becoming one of the best characters in the show.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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