BATMAN 23.4: Bane review

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Venom fuelled super-villain Bane travels back to Gotham to take over the city, in this special from Detective Comics. Batman 23.4 review after the jump.

The special villain month seemed to go down well with fans of DC and of their characters. In Batman 23.4, Bane is front and centre as he looks to take control of Gotham once again. batman 23.4 BATMAN 23.4: Bane review

Instead of being a stand-alone story, Batman 23.4 seems more of a lead in to Forever Evil: Arkham War #1. We start the story with Bane talking to his followers in a gym. He asks them to fight him to the death, to which they comply. He makes easy work of them and, when he is about to deal the deathly blow to the last man standing, a little girl enters and the man pleads for his life to take care of his daughter. The little girl informs Bane that she has come to watch him kill her abusive father and Bane does so.

Bane then sets off on a ship to Gotham and tells his gang that, with Batman currently occupied, Gotham is finally theirs for the taking.  He then asks his team to inject the venom to make them super strong, just like him.

Not a lot really happens in Batman 23.4. As we stated above, it works more as a lead in to the Forever Evil story.  The story by Peter Tomasi doesn’t really go anywhere but does have some nice references to the Knightfall story, and the art by Graham Nolan, whilst still nice, doesn’t crave your attention like that of Greg Cappulo’s.

While it isn’t the greatest of stories in the Batman universe since the change over to the New 52, Batman 23.4 is still worthy of your money, especially due to the fantastic 3D cover.

3 / 5 stars     

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