25th anniversary Predator figures now available in the Screen Critix Store

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Do you love the classic 1987 movie Predator? Well the Screen Critix Store now has the highly sought after series 9 from the Predators series of action figures. Buy them now!

Predator will surely go down as one of the greatest action films of all time. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his team of elite commandos take to the jungle, only to be taken out one-by-one by an unseen hunter. The film has garnered a cult-like following throughout the world and was followed by two sequels and two Alien vs. Predator movies too.  predator series 9 25th anniversary Predator figures now available in the Screen Critix Store

Now you can own a piece of this history, with these 25th anniversary collectible action figures from Neca – the makers of the hugely popular series of Predators line.

The three figures that make up series 9 are:

Water Emergence Predator

Do you remember that cool moment from the 1987 classic action film Predator, where Arnie slides down a muddy embankment and over a cliff into the water? Arnie believes he has escaped the predator, only for the Alien to emerge from the water with electricity sparking from his body. Well now, that moment has been immortalised in this incredible action figure.

Jungle Encounter Dutch

Quick, get to the chopper….or the check-out after placing one of these bad boys in your shopping trolley. Arnold Schwarzenegger starred as Dutch in the 1987 classic film Predator. After an alien hunter takes out his elite squad, Arnie was left to stop the creature on his own. Jungle Encounter Dutch is from the highly sought after series 9 of the Predators action figure line.

Jungle Disguise Dutch

With nothing left to lose, Dutch covers himself in mud so the Predator’s heat vision can’t detect him, and he sets up elaborate traps in order to capture the alien hunter. Predator is one of the greatest action films of all-time and now you can relive all those legendary moments with this classic collection of action figures.

You can buy these extremely collectible action figures right now from our store HERE.

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