Ruby and the Dragon (2013) short film review

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Check out our Ruby and the Dragon review. Directed by Philip Jordan Brooks, this short film sees a young girl having to deal with some tragic events and helping her father.

Ruby and the Dragon sees a family dealing with the death of a mother, the depression that followed for the father, and a tragic but negligent death of the youngest child.

Ruby (Leah Catherine Thompson) is a girl who sadly has to deal with the loss of loved ones at a young age, this in turn strips her of her childhood somewhat and she is forced to mature to help her deal with the problems around her. The Dragon from the title is a puppet that she made to entertain, not only herself, but her younger sister too.

I found the story-line to be paced well, only with the midway point moving a bit slow. The film is also blessed with a quite shocking and, I would even say, disturbing ending. Finishing the short on such a point certainly left me thinking long after the credits rolled. ruby and the dragon 202x300 Ruby and the Dragon (2013) short film review

The choice of using black and white worked for this picture, and integrated well with the story, of which seemingly took place in the days of black and white television. It is obvious to Screen Critix that Philip Jordan Brooks, who has worked on a number of high profile Hollywood films, knows his way around a camera and how to tell a story. His shots are easy on the eye, and the editing that followed are all very well done; making the short a nice watch.

The sound design for the project is top notch, and the narrative by Ruby is crystal clear. While simple, the choice of tracks work at their designated time. The ending of the film, for example, uses a piano piece effectively and emotionally.

On to the acting, the two main characters portrayed by Philip Jordan Brooks and Leah Catherine Thompson are acted out very well. Our only criticism would be that some of the characters were very stereotypical. An evil social worker, nosy neighbors and uncaring staff. That said, each of those stereotypes are all over the media on a regular basis. Maybe we just live in a horrible world?

Ruby And The Dragon is a well presented, shocking, and at times upsetting short film. It’s well made, well presented and well worth a watch. We will also be keeping an eye out for Phillip Jordan Brooks’ future projects, he is certainly a director with a promising future.

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4 / 5 stars     

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