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To get your film reviewed by Screen Critix, please fill out the contact form below. Be sure to read our submission guidelines carefully before doing so as all payments are non-refundable. Submit Movie below.

Submission Guidelines

No pornography. We don’t want to see your bits sorry.

If your film is to be viewed online please be sure to include the link below and any passwords if needed.

Tick the “Yes” box under “Sending a Blu Ray or DVD?” if you sending us a film to watch. We will then e-mail you an address to send the disc to. We cannot return any discs sent to us, so please do not send us a master copy or the only one you have.

We reserve the right not to review a film. If this happens we will refund your payment as soon as possible.


£15 for short film reviews. (up to 59 minutes)

£25 for feature length reviews. (60 minutes and above)

Add £10 for fast track option*.

*Reviewed within 48 hours.

What am I paying for?

Screen Critix offer a professional service. The service includes:

A review on the website.

Rating out of 5.

The review will be posted on Facebook, Twitter & IMDB(if you have a page).

Our reviews are fair and just. Paying for us to review your film does not mean you will automatically get a nice review to show your friends, we will state what we love about the film and what we dislike. If the film is good, we will say it’s good, if it’s bad, well, you can guess the rest. Submit movie below for an honest review.

If you do not go for the fast track option, the review may take up to two weeks to go online, due to a waiting list. Submit movie below and let’s see what score you get.

Review Options

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