Gone Girl review (2014)

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One of the biggest selling books of the last two years now gets a movie make over courtesy of the brilliant David Fincher. Our Gone Girl review is up after the jump.

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Gone Girl has been a massive success since it was released onto the book-reading public, but when it was announced that a film adaption was coming, fans got a little worried. Then David Fincher was attached to direct and everybody breathed a collective sigh of relief; after all, if anybody could make a great movie version of the source material, it’s David Fincher.

And he does.

Gone Girl tells the story of Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) who finds out his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) has gone missing one the day of their fifth anniversary. The house leaves signs of a struggle and, after the police find Amy’s partly-burned diary, Nick becomes the number one suspect.

Not to go too much into spoiler territory, Amy isn’t dead and has staged the whole thing so to get Nick arrested and sentenced to death for her murder due to his infidelities.

gone girl poster Gone Girl review (2014)Gone Girl is an intelligent thriller and in Amy Dunne, has one of the coldest, most calculated women in modern literature. Rosamund Pike portrays the character brilliantly and stands out among all the great performances on show. Expect an Oscar nomination for the actress. Ben Affleck is great as Nick as are Kim Dickens and Patrick Fugit as the police detective and officer investigating the case. To be honest, I admittedly groaned when Tyler Perry was cast as Lawyer Tanner Bolt, mainly due to his terrible Madea movies, but he is really good in Gone Girl and should be applauded.

Gone Girl looks real nice and the pacing is perfect. Fincher has adapted the book so not to upset any fans, hardly anything is left out from the novel, which is rare for adaptions these days.

Gone Girl is 2014’s best thriller (to date) and will likely pick up a few nominations at next year’s Academy Awards, and it is deserved. Now we just want to know what Fincher’s next piece will be. Please let it be The Girl Who Played With Fire.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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