Interstellar review (2014)

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Matthew McConaughey leaves Earth to find a new habitable planet for our species in Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster Interstellar. Check out our Interstellar review after the jump.

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It was eagerly one of 2014’s most anticipated movies and coming off such hits as Inception, The Dark Knight trilogy, The Prestige, Memento and Insomnia it was easy to see why Christopher Nolan’s new film was so hyped.

Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is a widowed former NASA pilot who now lives on a ranch with his daughter Murphy, son Tom and his father-in-law Donald (John Lithgow), opting to be a farmer to help with the Earth’s dwindling food supplies. The Earth is in a bad shape and the lack of food means that the human race is on the verge of extinction.

Cooper and Murphy and come across a set of secret coordinates and set on a journey, only to find an underground NASA base (the last in the world). There, Professor Brand (Michael Caine) and his daughter Amelia offer Cooper a chance to help save the world. They have found a wormhole close to Saturn that leads to a new solar system with three possible habitable planets residing in it. Cooper doesn’t want to leave his children behind, but he is told that he will be back soon and in that time the Professor will have figured a way of sending every human into space (including his children) via huge space stations.

Of course, this doesn’t sit well with his children and he leaves Murphy on bad terms. Copper and his small team that includes Amelia and Doyle (Wes Bentley) set off on their trip but it doesn’t exactly go as planned.

We won’t go any further into the plot details so not to spoil as Interstellar is best watched when little is known about it.

Interstellar looks incredible throughout, from the dusty American ranch to the space exploration, the cinematography is fantastic all the way through. Due to him directing his first film Transcendence, Wally Pfister was unable to once again team up with Nolan. This time, the director of photography was Hoyte Van Hoytema who had previously lensed films such as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Fighter and Her.interstellar poster 655x1024 Interstellar review (2014)Hans Zimmer once again provides the score and it goes hand-in-hand with the visuals beautifully. Given that he was asked by Nolan to take a leap of faith and create the soundtrack without seeing the film, he does an incredible job.

Given that Interstellar is about extra dimensions and relativity, the ideas and story can, at times, be a little hard to understand, but we suggest you don’t think about things too much and just sit back and enjoy the spectacular ride.

One surprise to us here at Screen Critix was how emotionally resonant the film was. The film is touching throughout. The drama of Interstellar is just as powerful (if not more so) than the Sci-fi aspect. McConaughey, as usual these days, knocks it out of the park. The whole cast is strong as the play their roles to great effect.

What more is there to say other than Interstellar deserves your attention and will surely go down, along with 2001: A Space Odyssey, as one of the greatest Sci-fi films of all-time.

5 / 5 stars     

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