Ben Elton hints at a return for Blackadder

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It is hailed as one of the greatest comedy series of all-time, but according to Ben Elton, there very well could be more Blackadder in the future.

Ending with one of the funniest and yet heart-breaking finales ever, 1989’s ‘Over the Top’ episode from Blackadder Goes Forth is legendary in terms of television shows. Now, after twenty four long years, it has been hinted that a return could arrive by one of the writers – Ben Elton. blackadder 300x300 Ben Elton hints at a return for Blackadder

Comedian Ben Elton joined the show during the second series and made the suggestion that the show should move on from the Elizabethan setting. Blackadder Goes Forth was set during World War 1 and became a huge hit around the world.

Blackadder is not finished. We’ll never officially close it down… ever.” Elton told The Daily Telegraph.

Could we see more escapades from Blackadder and Baldrick in the future. I wouldn’t get our hopes up, but we can all wish.


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