Sitting on a Fire Escape Eating Eggs (2015) short film review

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Inspired by the works of Charles Bukowski, Sitting on a Fire Escape Eating Eggs is a short film from director Michael Stevantoni. Check out our review after the jump.

The late Charles Bukowski has had numerous films based on his writings, including Barfly, Crazy Love and The Blanket; now, inspired by such work, Michael Stevantoni has based a short film around what Bukowski loved writing about best – poor Americans in strange situations.

sitting on a fire escape eating eggs Sitting on a Fire Escape Eating Eggs (2015) short film reviewHank is a drunken redneck who likes to start the day by eating a cooked breakfast on the fire escape outside his apartment. The day is like any other, until the body of a man flies past Hank. In shock, Hank runs back into the apartment to tell his wife, Linda. Of course, Linda doesn’t believe the ramblings of her alcoholic husband, which in turn angers Hank. We don’t get to see why a body has fallen past Hank…it just does. Was the man thrown? Did he jump? We are never told, but that is part of the ambiguity of the piece, and it works.

Sitting on a Fire Escape Eating Eggs is a very short film with a runtime of around four minutes. The four minutes are used wisely though, with the film seeming much larger than it actually is. The acting by Jonathan Peacy and Erin Smith is great, the portray Hank and Linda as characters you would expect to see in a film such as Joe Dirt or the hit TV series My Name is Earl.

I really enjoyed the cinematography by Strack Azar, who now has three short films to his name. The framing is done professionally throughout the short, which in turn increases the production value to no end. Does it look like it was made on a shoestring budget of just $500? No, it does not. Yet, remarkably, it was. It just goes to show what a good Director of Photography can do for a film.

Michael Stevantoni has made a nice little short film in Sitting on a Fire Escape Eating Eggs; one that I’m sure Charles Bukowski would have loved himself.

4 / 5 stars     

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