Prego (2015) short film review

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A one-night stand leads to an unexpected pregnancy for Emily, but how will the would-be father take the news? We review the short comedy film Prego, right after the jump.

Katie  Prego (2015) short film review

Finding out you’re going to be a mother or a father is a big deal. In fact, it’s a big, scary deal. You know that from that day forward, everything changes. So, for Emily (played by Katie Vincent), finding out the news that she is pregnant to a one-night stand must have been mortifying. The film takes place at a table in a coffee shop. Emily has taken Mark (Taso Mikroulis) out for lunch with the intention of informing him about the pregnancy. Unfortunately for Emily though, Mark is more akin to a man-child than a father figure and Emily soon realises that she has made a huge mistake.

With no job and no prospects (although he was once a dog food tester in quality control), it is obvious that Mark is just not cut out to be a father and we get to witness the realization that things aren’t going well for Emily.

FINAL POSTER 717x1024 Prego (2015) short film reviewPrego may only be a two-hander in one location (except for a brief flashback), but the short never becomes boring. This is in thanks to the sharp, funny script and the two great performances from Katie Vincent and Taso Mikroulis. Vincent plays the role of Katie superbly, and Mikroulis’ portrays Mark great as bumbling idiot. The film did have a few similarities to the Seth Rogan/Katherine Heigl vehicle ‘Knocked Up’, but not too many to distract from enjoying Prego.

Usher Morgan does very well in directing the short. It’s also worthy to note that Morgan was also on producing, writing (alongside Andy Cowan and Roi Morad) and editing duties.  It’s definitely a job well done.

The film was shot on the Red Scarlet camera and it looks real nice, especially with the nice lighting and location set-up. The sound is great and crisp throughout too.

As many people are aware, comedy is the hardest genre to get right and the easiest to fail in. So it is great to see a well-made, funny short that doesn’t over stay its welcome. Usher Morgan and his team have done very well here and I’m sure they will go on to do bigger and even better projects.

4 / 5 stars     

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