Breaking the Silence (2019) short film review

Tormented by her past for over 40 years, former WWII prisoner Francesca decides to break her silence and tell the truth about her life as a ‘comfort woman’ in Seayoon Jeong’s Breaking The Silence.

Incompleteness Part One (2020) film review

A workaholic TV news producer finds out he is dying and dedicates his remaining days to making a movie about the meaning of life for his estranged wife and their soon-to-be-born son. Here is our review of Dave Ash’s drama, Incompleteness Part One.

Sin Fronteras (2018) short film review

A Mexican woman risks her life to save her son by forcing a white American woman to drive them across the U.S./Mexican border. Here is our review of director and writer Ricardo Perez Selsky’s political thriller, Sin Fronteras.

Dogstar (1997) review

The reclusive Dogstar functions with an undiagnosed case of autism. After falling in love with a sweet girl named Gabrielle, who herself is wrestling with an addiction, Dogstar must set upon a brave quest beyond the confines of his own room to find her.

Veneer (2020) film review

Suburban drug dealer Dominic Willis tries to navigate through the COVID – 19 pandemic while carrying out his ultimate plan. Here’s is our review of writer/director Max Aguiar’s indie comedy, Veneer.

The Long Way Back (2020) review

A down-on-his-luck ex-con returns to New York where he must face the harsh reality of everyday life and the people who haunt him from his past. This is E.B. Hughes’ crime drama The Long Way Back.