Are You Awake? (2022) short film review

In a strange type of hotel-come-hospital, a care worker carefully wanders the corridors to check on each patient to make sure they are ready for the new day in Gabriel Caste’s psychological thriller Are You Awake?

Fall on Me (2022) short film review

The tangled union of a young couple charts their compatibility with one another while they both fight against the unbearable urge not to be alone. This is Fall on Me.

River Road (2022) film review

A rock musician and a free-spirited woman start an intense relationship that soon spirals into a world of drug addiction and crime in Rob Wiley’s crime thriller River Road.

The Devil’s Instrument (2022) film review

In an attempt to save his family as well as himself, a wealthy novelist tries desperately to get out of a deal he made with the devil in Adam B Sergent’s The Devil’s Instrument.

Coke Boys (2022) short film review

One of the biggest drug dealers in South Central becomes suspicious after one of his crew members turns police informant. Will business or paranoia win the day? This is Omar Cook’s Coke Boys.

Luiz’s Crackland (2022) short film review

A short observational documentary about a theatre company in Brazil that tells a universal story of the people struggling and those thriving in a difficult and poverty-stricken environment. This is Aliki Tsakoumi’s documentary Luiz’s Crackland.