Egg (2020) short film review

When a young man rescues a mysterious egg from being eaten in the woods, he is thrown into an all-consuming cycle of madness and loss and begins to explore moments of his past, to the detriment of his present. Here is our review of Egg.

meow mixer 1

Meow Mixer (2020) short film review

During a lesbian speed-dating session, a number of vulnerable, stupid, innocent, experienced, and amusing characters all try to find their one true love. Here is our review of Joshua Nelson’s relationship comedy Meow Mixer.

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A Clockwork Heart (2020) short film review

A mildly steampunk-inspired fairy tale about a love and friendship that is shared between a boy and a girl. Here is our review of director David Lawson’s debut short film A Clockwork Heart.


Bruh.mp4 (2020) review

When tragedy strikes social media influencer Tyler, he begins to question his own sanity. We take a look at writer-director and actor Andrew Burdette’s feature film Bruh.mp4.

booze broads and blackjack poster

Booze, Broads and Blackjack (2020) review

A radio DJ, who does side jobs for his gangster Uncle, is targeted by the mob after his girlfriend witnesses a murder. This is our review of Booze, Broads and Blackjack.

Everything is Upstream Poster

Everything is Upstream (2019) short film review

Part animation and part documentary, Buddhist Monks and scholars offer vivid descriptions of their dreams which are then brought to life through detailed rotoscope in Martin Ponferrada’s experimental short film, Everything Is Upstream.