LIFE Happens (2022) short film review

A man wakes up in a bedroom that features a walk-in wardrobe containing just four outfits. The four outfits each tell a story from his past in the short film LIFE Happens.

Slay (2023) short film review

Three friends come together in order to plot and bring down their annoying influencer roommate, only to find her dead in the short film Slay by director Fran St Clair.

Dawn (2023) short film review

Telling someone that you’re in love with them can be difficult, especially when the other person is your best friend. We look at the short film Dawn by director Michael Kearney.

All Is Not Lost (2023) short film review

A volcanic eruption is the catalyst for new life beginning for a group of strange creatures, but infighting puts them all at risk in the short animation All Is Not Lost.