Vultures (2023) short film review

In a post-apocalyptic world, a grieving man must survive the elements and the large mutated birds that roam the woods in the short film Vultures.

LifeQuest (2023) short film review

A young scientist lives the perfect life studying and searching for the greatest scientific breakthrough when the truth of his situation emerges, everything changes. This is Richard Lounello’s sci-fi fantasy LifeQuest

War of the Wills (2023) film review

To claim a life-changing inheritance, a young man is forced to battle his worst enemy…his own father. This is George M Dondero’s black comedy War of the Wills.

Final Parade (2023) short film review

When two clowns take a holiday, a tragic occurrence forces the pessimist of the pair to change her perspective. This is Atlos Croft’s surrealist drama Final Parade.

Going Nowhere Fast (2023) short film review

A young dreamer, tired of his current lot in life, tries to use his music to break away from his environment. When he and his best friend are given the chance to change their lives he must make some tough decisions in director/writer Tiffany Harding’s drama Going Nowhere Fast.

I Will Make It Worth Your While (2023) short film review

Desperate to save his business from the financial troubles he faces, restaurant owner Declan latches onto a wealthy customer’s story about a violin that could lead him to a fortune in Damien Fowler’s short film I Will Make It Worth Your While