Lionheart (2022) short film review

After suffering a devastating injury, an American Football player is cut from the team and then struggles with the thought of retiring for good in the short film Lionheart.

Bermuda Island (2023) film review

A plane full of passengers crashes into the ocean, and the survivors must then come together to brave a mysterious and dangerous island in the feature Bermuda Island.

The Full Moon Fathers (2023) film review

A vicious biker gang wakes from a night of partying in the woods to find one of their members murdered. While all fingers point to each other, another more sinister presence moves in. This is Sean Cranston’s The Full Moon Fathers.

The Abstraction (2015) film review

A painter who specialises in abstract art escapes to a private estate to work on his newest collection, but life soon imitates art as his fantasies of love are interrupted by nightmarish delusions in Joel Ulrick O’Neal’s horror The Abstraction.