The Girl with Blue Eyes (2020) short film review

A unique-looking and young Vietnamese girl is the subject of this short documentary. While she may be attracting photographers from all over the world, both she and her family still have to deal with poverty.

Holding These Moments (2020) film review

Taking a look at the end of an American hardcore punk band Bane, Holding These Moments is a documentary showing the life of the movement they created, up until their final tour in 2016.

Bound (2021) short film review

A vengeful woman has to deal with the loss of her husband, the potential sale of her home, and the man who is currently tied up in her basement, in the short film Bound.

The Enormity of Life (2021) review

A suicidal man, who finds that he has been left a large inheritance from an old aunt, sets off on a journey of self-discovery along with a single mother and her daughter in The Enormity of Life.

Cactus (2018) short film review

A woman wakes up in the bed of a man she met the night before, only to find the corpse of a gangster downstairs in the mafia-based black comedy short Cactus.