The Stranger (2022) film review

Following the death of her husband, the grieving proprietor of a small hotel finds her life turned further upside down with the arrival of a mysterious guest in Mike Clarke & Paul Gerrard’s The Stranger.

Love With Black Spots (2022) short film review

After moving into their new house, a volatile young couple discovers a ladybird infestation which causes further strain on their relationship. Until that is, the man unknowingly swallows one. This is Oscar Wenman-Hyde’s Love With Black Spots.

Mom I Am Alone (2022) short film review

One evening while working at home, a woman hears a knock at her window and is confronted by a young girl standing outside. This is writer and director Naveen Sunag’s supernatural thriller Mom I Am Alone.

Someone Same As Me (2022) short film review

A young boy repeatedly complains to his mum that he feels that someone the same as him is always around. In order to convince him that is not true his mum decides to listen. This is Naveen Sunag’s psychological thriller, Someone Same As Me.