The Walking Dead series 4 episode 4 review

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Episode four of The Walking Dead’s fourth season has arrived, which sees Rick leaving the prison with Carol to hunt for supplies. Here is the review.

Contains spoilers!!

We pick up from last week with Daryl, Tyreese, Michone and Bob left without a car after abandoning it during the huge zombie attack. They soon come across a petrol station and fix-up a car. A cool spot is with the price of the petrol at the station – the numbers turned upside down to spell ‘hell’. the walking dead The Walking Dead series 4 episode 4 review

The gang soon reach the college and find numerous medicinal supplies, they fill up their bags, except Bob who only picks up a bottle of spirits, and hightail it out after a zombie attack. Daryl soon finds out that Bob hasn’t packed any supplies and has it out with him before they all get in the car and head back to the prison.

Meanwhile, Rick and Carol go out to a housing estate in order to find food. Rick is still in disbelief about Carol murdering the two sick members of the camp. They bump into a young couple and decide to let them go back to the prison with them, but only after Rick and Carol finish off their round. The couple insist that they help and, against Rick’s wishes, Carol agrees. The young woman is soon found in bits due to being eaten alive and Carol shows no remorse.

Rick then tells Carol that she isn’t the same Carol as before and that she has changed. He also tells her that she has to find her own way in life and is not welcome at the prison. A teary-eyed Carol then drives away, searching for other survivors to live.

Today episode threw a big surprise with the Carol situation. Leaving Carol to go elsewhere is as good as leaving her to die, but her actions needed rectifying and this was Rick’s choice, seeing that Tyreese would have murdered her in revenge.

Another good episode from AMCs premier show.

4 / 5 stars     

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