The Raid remake gets a director

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Director Patrick Hughes has been hired to remake The Raid for American audiences, the original director Gareth Evans will produce.

The Raid has become a huge cult hit all over the world. The Koran action film, that was actually made by a Welshman, is classed by many action movie fans as one of the best of recent years, so it was only a matter of time when it would be remade by Hollywood. the raid 212x300 The Raid remake gets a director

Patrick Hughes, who is also the man behind The Expendables 3, taking over from Sylvester Stallone, has been hired to direct the remake, whilst Out of the Furnace writer Brad Inglesby will be on script duty.

The Raid, which is also similar to the recent Dredd movie, is about a Korean policeman trying to get to a bad guy who is situated in a block of flats, but every level is filled with his henchman.

Some remakes do a decent job. Films like The Ring, Ocean’s 11 and dare we say the new Robocop. Yet some, like the recent Oldboy, miss the mark entirely. We are not yet sure if a remake of The Raid is a good idea. Surely though, only time will tell.

The Raid 2 is set to be released very soon, more on that when we have it.

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