Fantastic Four reboot cast announced

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The cast for The Fantastic Four reboot has been announced and, we have to say, it’s a strange one. Have a look for yourselves, right here.

Fantastic Four Cast Fantastic Four reboot cast announced

We may have had two films featuring The Fantastic Four in the last decade – both awful, but now we have a reboot with could be the strangest casting we have seen from a superhero movie. Variety were the first to tell the world about who the actors are to take on the roles.

We had already featured an article about the possibility of Michael B Jordan playing The Human Torch, and now the Fruitvale Station actor is confirmed. He will be joined by Miles Teller (The Spectacular Now) as Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic, Kate Mara (Brokeback Mountain) as Sue Storm and Jamie Bell (Billy Elliott) as The Thing.

Yes, you read that right, Billy Elliott will play The Thing.

Now, we have no problem with Jamie Bell as an actor, he is very talented, but The Thing? The Thing is nearly as big as Hulk and is large when in human form too.

Either way, let’s all hope they do a better job than the last incarnation of the superhero family. More on the film when we have it.

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