The Neighbour (2016) DVD review

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When a drug runner’s girlfriend mysteriously disappears, he soon suspects his neighbour may be involved in the stylish thriller The Neighbour. Check out our review.

the neighbour still The Neighbour (2016) DVD review

John and Rosie are a couple who love each other very much, they also just so happen to be drug-traffickers for John’s gangster Uncle. When they are not delivering bags of cash to a local diner, they can be seen changing license plates on cars and giving medical procedures to other dealers who have been wounded whilst on botched jobs.

John (Josh Stewart – The Collector, The Dark Knight Rises) has secretly been putting his earnings aside, in order to save up and move to Mexico with Rosie (Alex Essoe – Starry Eyes). All the while, Rosie likes to spend her time spying on their neighbour Troy through a telescope.

When Josh drops off a large bundle of cash at his uncle’s diner, Rosie witnesses a murder committed by Troy. Josh returns home to find Rosie missing and as he tries to piece together the mystery of her disappearance, he comes to realise that some people have darker secrets than others.the neighbour 725x1024 The Neighbour (2016) DVD review

From Marcus Dunstan, the director of the torture porn films The Collector and The Collection (both of which starred Josh Stewart) and the writer of Saw IV, The Neighbour is a stylish little thriller with some great scenes of tension along with decent performances. A stand-out performance comes from Bill Engvall as Troy. Engvall is mostly known for being a stand-up comedian with the Blue Collar group alongside other funny men as Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy and Ron White. In The Neighbour, Engvall is truly disturbing and intense, something I was not expecting.

The Neighbour is a stripped back movie that comes in at just 80 minutes. The first act is used to introduce the characters, none of which are really likeable, with the second and third act used for the disappearance of Rosie and John’s fight to get her back.

I did enjoy The Neighbour, with its small town setting and stylish visuals it was made more enjoyable thanks to Bill Engvall’s turn as the titular character. The Neighbour is available to buy on DVD right now.

3.5 / 5 stars     

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