The Ice Field (2013) short film review

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Check out our The Ice Field short film review, directed and written by Patrick Ryder, after the break.

the ice field short film The Ice Field (2013) short film review

“a few parts actually made me jump. I won’t spoil them, but Ryder’s clever use of camera angles makes you uneasy constantly”

So, let’s skip to the main event; is it any good? The answer is yes, but with a few issues. First, let’s be clear. This short was, according to the director, filmed in one day and with just a £75 budget. Then later, edited within a week. That’s crazy. Second, some of the issues are likely due to the little amount of time spent on set. The acting felt a bit of a weak area at times, for example, but I have to admit the opening is great. Third, the momentum of the opening is damaged slightly by the pace of the film afterwards.

I hear you asking, err dude what’s the film actually about? Well, it’s about a spooky girl, eugh always a girl eh, but to be fair said girl is quite spooky. The story of a demon, or whatever, invading someones home is well established. It has shades of it’s inspiration, likely Paranormal Activity, spliced into it’s film DNA.

Less than £100 for the budget, keep it central in your mind. Throw some money at this guy and who knows.

Ryder, who has multiple short films to his name, shows he has skills with direction. Some of the shots are great, as are the transitions. The short film keeps a fluid motion at the right times, this is particularly notable in the ‘footage’ moments; as they transform to reality.

The sound editing was an area that could’ve used more work. Unfortunately a lot of echo could be heard at times, but it didn’t detract too much away from the film. The opening, as previously mentioned, is great. Really set the tone.

Does the film work as a horror? Yes, a few parts actually made me jump. I won’t spoil them, but Ryder’s clever use of camera angles makes you uneasy constantly. I couldn’t stop thinking ‘something is about to happen’. You know, the way horror films should be.

Overall thoughts:

If the film was made in the timescales stated, which I imagine it was, then this short is an achievement. The director succeeds at telling a story, scaring the viewer, and producing a near 20-minute film. No easy feat, in one week.

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3.5 / 5 stars     

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