The House (2012) short film review

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A woman is stuck inside an artificially intelligent house in the futuristic short by Marcia Goetsch entitled The House. Our review is after the jump.

the room pic 1024x576 The House (2012) short film review

Running at a little over thirteen minutes in length, The House is certainly an interesting little film. An unnamed woman (Mary C. Ferrara) finds herself in a house with no means of escape. Yes, the house has windows and doors, but all are locked. Like a slave she is forced to design other houses, but not by a company, by the actual house she is in. The house has a mind of its own and is shown to be intelligent. It’s never stated how long this woman has become trapped for, but we know it may have been a good while as the house states that it has never lost a game against her – the game in question is like a futuristic Connect 4 via a computer.

The House is shot well and the music that accompanies the imagery works well. The sound can sometimes cut out, but it isn’t very noticeable. Marcia Goetsch has to be applauded for everything she did on the short. As well as writing and directing, Goetsch also did the animation (a little house character that pops up to talk to the woman) and edited the film too. She did a fine job all over.the house poster 691x1024 The House (2012) short film review

I love the concept the most though. The house itself reminded me a little of HAL in the Stanley Kubrick classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. Had a bigger budget been presented to Goetsch to build upon the idea, you may have had something that really stands out. That was obviously not the case here, but Goetsch and her team did remarkably well with what little they had to play with.

Overall, The House is a neat little short sci-fi film with a great idea behind it, which in this day and age is the hardest thing to make. Marcia Goetsch and her team did very well and we are looking forward to what they come up with next.

3 / 5 stars     

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