The Blue Dahlia (1946) Blu-ray review

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Returning home from war, Johnny Morrison finds that his wife has been having an affair, and when she is murdered, he soon becomes the number one suspect. We review the classic noir The Blue Dahlia.

the blue dahlia The Blue Dahlia (1946) Blu ray review

Keeping up with their recent exquisite work, Arrow Academy are releasing another classic film on Blu-ray this month (19th September) with The Blue Dahlia starring Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake. Directed by George Marshall (How the West Was Won) from a screenplay by the famous author Raymond Chandler, The Blue Dahlia is a classic 1940’s crime noir film, beautifully presented by Arrow.

Johnny Morrison (Alan Ladd) has spent his time serving his country in the South Pacific and, when discharged, he returns home only to find his floozy of a wife, Helen (Doris Dowling) has been seeing Eddie Harwood (Howard Da Silva) – the owner of a nightclub called The Blue Dahlia. Morrison finds out about the affair and, after a heated argument, leaves town. The next day, Helen’s body is found and the police believe Morrison to be the killer.

Veronica Lake plays the beautiful Joyce – a woman who picks up the hitchhiking Morrison in her car and takes him out of dahlia box The Blue Dahlia (1946) Blu ray review

Released in 1946, The Blue Dahlia is a well-acted and well-directed film noir that has enough going to keep you interested, it really does still look great after 70 years.

Arrow Academy add some nice touches to the disc with such bonus features as a 1949 half-hour radio play of The Blue Dahlia, the original trailer, an extensive gallery, a collectors booklet and a reversible sleeve.

The Blue Dahlia is a great mystery noir film and a must-buy for fans of the genre and of such films as The Glass Key and This Gun for Hire.

You can pre-order The Blue Dahlia from Arrow Academy by clicking here.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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