Hurricane (2016) short film review

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A couple’s steak dinner is interrupted by the radio suddenly going quiet in this 1950’s set comedy short from Christiano Dias.  Check out the review of Hurricane right here.

Hurricane Hurricane (2016) short film review

Having (very) recently reviewed the excellent short film Monster in a House, it was safe to say that I expected Hurricane to be another quality production, seeing as both are by director Christiano Dias. I wasn’t disappointed. Unlike Monster in a House, Hurricane is a comedy film using the paranoia of the cold war as its setting.

The short starts with Oslo Alduars (Corey Page) sitting at a table, picking his nails with his fork and waiting for his dinner. A steak is brought to him by his wife Eva (Lisa Roumain) and they both begin to eat when suddenly the wireless radio goes silent. Eva believes a storm is responsible for the disturbance with the radio signal, but Oslo becomes paranoid and starts to tell his wife a story involving his neighbour and a hidden microphone.

HURRICANE POSTER TEMPORARY 662x1024 Hurricane (2016) short film reviewOnce again, Christiano Dias has created a short with excellent production value. The set, whilst simple, screams 1950s, from the tins of canned food in the cupboard all the way to the radio which takes centre stage. The costumes are also spot on, as is the make-up and hair. It’s easy to see that a lot of effort had been put into production design.

The screenplay is nicely written with realistic and humorous dialogue which is delivered by some talented actors in Page, Roumain and David Jay as Benjamin Shaw.

Everything else about the production is so well done, that I can only offer praise – the sound design, the cinematography and the editing – all of it is excellent.

I truly believe that Dias and his talented team have a bright future in movie making. I just hope they get the chance to do a feature soon. Make sure you follow their careers and check out Hurricane if you have the chance, you won’t regret it.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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