The Bigfoot Hunters (2016) short film review

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A group of ragtag people gather to exchange stories of Bigfoot sightings but, unbeknown to them, they are about to get a very close encounter with the hairy beast. We review The Bigfoot Hunters.

 big foot hunters pic 1024x682 The Bigfoot Hunters (2016) short film review

In what has to be the most wacky short film we have had the privilege of watching and reviewing this year, The Bigfoot Hunters is a creation from the mind of Writer/Director Matt Hausmann. It also happens to be Hausmann’s first film as a director and it’s a solid effort all-around.

The film starts with the wonderfully named Shit Kicker (Paul Major) running away from an unseen enemy in a forest. An enemy that, from small glimpses, we can see is hairy and has a tendency to use whatever drug it manages to find lying on the ground, dropped by the people it has been pursuing, including cannabis, cocaine and heroin.

Lucky for Shit Kicker, he is close to a building being used for a meeting of the Bigfoot Anonymous Club – a group of people who have come together to tell their stories of Sasquatch encounters whilst delving into plates of doughnuts. These people, who also have some fantastically bonkers names like Unleaded Diesel (Kris Edwards), Kitty Diesel (Jamie Wilson) and Remy Winnebago (Ari Joffe), are complete individuals but soon come together when Shit Kicker arrives with the warning that a Bigfoot is on the prowl and hungry.

As aforementioned, The Bigfoot Hunters is crazy, and I’m not mincing my words. It is absolutely nuts but in an adhering way. I like to think that Matt Hausmann wanted to make a comedy short film with elements of B-Movies from the 1980’s, and if that was his plan, he certainly pulled it off. A lot of the comedy works well and when the jokes are funny, they are very funny (I loved the skit on the janitor’s closet being much larger than anyone expected). The screenplay is filled with little jokes and funny one-liners throughout.

bigfoot hunters poster 691x1024 The Bigfoot Hunters (2016) short film reviewThe performances from all the actors are great and tremendously over-the-top; it suits the film well. The short looks and sounds great and the look of the Bigfoot is really well done too, even giving Harry and the Hendersons a run for it’s money in terms of the look of the hairy creature, but obviously done on a much smaller budget and without having the luxury of having Stan Winston studios helping to create it.

The short, to me, felt like a small and cheaply made prologue to a much bigger adventure. The film ends on a cliffhanger (of sorts) – a phone call from the secret service informs Shit kicker that the President of the United States of America has been kidnapped by a tactical team of Bigfoots and only the ragtag group from Bigfoot Anonymous can save the day, so they form a team called The Bigfoot Hunters.

I’d love to see a follow-up in feature form with Hausmann and co being given a few million dollars to create something equally bizarre and who knows, maybe it could happen. We live in hope.

3.5 / 5 stars     

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