Triangle (2017) short film review

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A man wakes up on a sidewalk, lost and confused. He then takes a journey back to a place he once called home. We review the short film by Christopher Fox – Triangle.

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I like films that are ambiguous. They allow for the audience to come up with their own conclusions regarding what they have just watched, which in turn can be the catalyst for some really interesting conversations and debates. Triangle is, for the most part, ambiguous.

The short film, by director Christopher Fox, opens up with a man lying on the side of a road. He looks a little confused as to why he is there and, after managing to get to his feet, he starts to walk. His journey takes the man, who is named Dave, through a park and an old structure, before he ends up at the home belonging to an old woman.

To be honest, for the first five minutes, whist Dave’s walk was taking place, I had no idea what the film was actually about. It wasn’t until the very last scene that all became clear – a scene that was reminiscent of Captain America meeting up with an older Peggy Carter.

triangle poster 1 Triangle (2017) short film reviewYou see, Dave was actually a pilot who, along with four other men, went missing in 1945 whilst flying over the Bermuda Triangle. He has found himself transported in time, seventy two years into the future. With nowhere to go, he seeks out his partner, who has now grew old.

As stated above, the film was directed by Christopher Fox, who also wrote and lensed the short. Triangle is great to look at. Fox has done a great job of making Triangle look polished and somewhat dreamy in it’s visuals. The audio is also nice and, seeing that Fox is also from a sound department background, it’s professional and crisp.

I did have a few issues with the film, but not huge ones. The first half of the film is dialogue-free and is just Dave walking around. Whilst it looks nice, I do feel it went on a little too long. A quick trim would have made the short feel more punchy. It would have also have worked better if his walk was around a built up city, to show Dave staring at these “new” and incredible-looking structures in awe and confusion. It would have helped the “fish out of water” aspect ten-fold, I feel.

Still, Triangle is an interesting short film that will certainly get people talking, and isn’t that the point of art? Well done to the cast and crew.

3 / 5 stars     

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