Square the Circle (2014) short film review

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A female doctor has an affair with a dying patient in the short film Square the Circle by Tong Zhou. Check out our review right after the jump.

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We get to watch and review many short films here at Screen Critix. Many shorts are packed-full of amateur mistakes such as bad lighting, awful audio and terrible acting. Yet, there are instances when we are lucky enough to be sent a short film that ticks all the right boxes. Hints of what is to come from upcoming talent. Square the Circle falls into the latter category.

Written and directed by Tong Zhou as well as co-produced with Wanyin Bo, Square the Circle sees a forty-odd year old female doctor called Monica (Adria Tennor – The Artist, Don’t Mess with the Zohan) finding it difficult to cope with the impending death of one of her long-time patients – Eli (Josh Weber). It’s obvious that Eli has a major crush on his doctor.

Monica is a married woman though and her husband Jeffrey (Jon Briddell, 11/11/11) suspects something is amiss; so much so that he pays Eli a visit in hospital. Things start to spiral out of control when Monica sleeps with Eli after finding out he has just two weeks left to live.poster 1 733x1024 Square the Circle (2014) short film review

Square the Circle is a wonderfully shot short film. The cinematography is divine, from the use of lenses and light. The sound is nigh on perfect throughout and the acting is done real well too, especially from Tennor who breathes an air of vulnerability into the main role. She is supported very well by a set of strong performers. This is a short where a lot of thought and effort has been used, and used well.

Also, the production design by Ray Song and Petra Vasvari really is excellent; their use of sets, props, light and more work really well for the short. The design of the hospital and the mixture of east meets west in the marital home is splendid and stands out.

Square the Circle is one of the better short films we have seen so far in 2015 and deserves many accolades. A big well done to the cast and crew.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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