Princess (2015) short film review

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A man and woman are being held captive by a deranged transvestite in the short horror film Princess. Check out our review right here on Screen Critix.

princess still 2 Princess (2015) short film review

You would think, with such a sweet sounding title, the short film Princess would be a fairy tale story with a nice, happy ending; yet in reality, Princess is actually a horrific five minutes of torture, sodomy and murder. Written by Jordan Lewandowski and John Willment-Knowles, with Willment-Knowles also directing and Lewandowski starring as the titular character; Princess begins with a man being seemingly raped by a transvestite. Starting the film off in this manner was a wise move by the filmmaker, as it shocks and grabs your attention immediately.

The man, who is chained-up, is not the only prisoner of Princess; as a young woman is also held captive. Bound, she is forced to eat something that resembles excrement in a scene that made me heave and look away.

It’s pretty obvious that Willment-Knowles, Lewandowski and their crew set out to make a film that is both shocking and controversial – and they certainly succeeded in doing so. The film was apparently banned at the New York Film Academy, and it’s easy to see why.princess still Princess (2015) short film review

If you look beyond the torture and rape, there is actually a well-made short film in Princess. The editing is well done as is the colour grade and cinematography. The art and production design was also sublime by Petra Vasvari. We have seen previous work by Vasvari and she impressed us then as she did with this. The remarkable thing about her work on Princess is that she took on the project with just one day to go before they began shooting. The room in which Princess takes place is fully realised. It looks like a disgusting dungeon and the home of disgraceful acts….just like it should do.

Willment-Knowles does well here and has managed to make a short film that can only be described as Hostel meets Pink Flamingos. If you have the chance, make sure you watch it…..but only if you have a strong stomach.

3 / 5 stars     

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