Sleepy Hollow episode 9 review

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Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills find themselves trying to survive a haunted house on Thanksgiving in ‘Sanctuary’. Sleepy Hollow episode 9 review after the jump.

sleepy hollow episode 9 Sleepy Hollow episode 9 review

Will contain some spoilers.

A famous author and billionaire called Lena Gilbert travels to Sleepy Hollow with an intention to fix up an old mansion that was owned by her ancestors. When she goes missing, Crane and Mills are sent to investigate.

we get to see how bad-ass Ichabod Crane can really get

They find the house and soon find themselves trapped with a huge tree/scarecrow monster stalking them. Crane and Mills get separated and Mills has a vision of Crane’s wife giving birth to a son in the house. She tells Crane of her vision and, of course, he is taken aback- unaware that he was a father all this time.

When they do manage escape the house, Crane decides to go back in to finish off the monster (who was sent by Moloch) for good. abbie mills Sleepy Hollow episode 9 review

Here we get to see how bad-ass Ichabod Crane can really get. When someone or something threatens his family, he goes mental and nothing will stop him.

Sanctuary is probably Sleepy Hollow’s scariest episode to date and one that most resembles the early instalments of The X-Files. It is also good to see Orlando Jones’ Captain go from sceptic to believing that anything is possible.

Overall Thoughts:

Sleepy Hollow episode 9 is a great haunted house episode that has ties with the main story running throughout the series. The show has certainly been a highlight of 2013.

4 / 5 stars     

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