Sleepy Hollow episode 10 review

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Ichabod Crane and Mills enlist the help of The Soul Eater again, this time to help with locating Crane’s son and his protector – the Golem. Sleepy Hollow episode 10 review right here.

sleepy hollow episode 10 Sleepy Hollow episode 10 review

Contains some spoilers.

Following on from the last episode, Crane is shocked at finding out his wife Katrina gave birth to a son not long after his death. Crane invites the Soul Eater to help and, against Mills’ wishes, he sends Crane back to purgatory to visit Katrina.

It actually feels like a huge story divided into segments

His wife tells him she had to give her son away in order to protect him from the covenant of witches that banished her and that his name is Jeremy.

Crane returns to the real world but he has not come alone, as a monster has followed him and has started to leave bodies all around Sleepy Hollow. They soon find out that the monster is actually a golem that Jeremy manifested to protect him using the powers he inherited from his mother. In order to stop him, Crane needs to find the covenant of witches – 4 voices as 1.sleepy hollow mills 300x300 Sleepy Hollow episode 10 review

Sleepy Hollow episode 10 is another great instalment in this year’s must-watch horror series. It does an excellent job of tying the series as a whole, and characters that have been seen in the background in earlier episodes all of have a reason for being there and are part of a much bigger picture. Instead of having one story per episode, it actually feels like a huge story divided into segments, which is what we want and like.

Overall Thoughts:

Sleepy Hollow episode 10 is a well written, well-acted and well-made instalment in the horror franchise. Just like a line in the show, this episode is one thread that makes up a large and incredible tapestry.

4 / 5 stars     

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