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The Dark City storyline continues in the Zero Year arc, as Batman looks to take down Dr Death in his early years as the caped crusader. Batman 26 review after the jump.

batman 26 inside Batman 26 review

Scott Snyder and Greg Cappulo continue their big story arc on the origins of Batman in Batman 26. The creative team not only make slight changes to the origins, but also near-perfectly build on the foundations from years earlier.

Batman 25 finished on a superb twist and cliffhanger, but it feels like the team took the easy way out by having Lucius Fox inject Bruce for his own safety, and not because he was behind all the wrong doings. Still, it isn’t long before Dr Death shows up and hurts our hero by squashing is skull like a grape.

We then skip timelines back to when Wayne was a boy and the morning of the night that changed his life forever – the death of his parents in criminal alley. Bruce has played truant from school in order to watch Zorro at the cinema when a young Officer Gordon picks him up and takes him back to the station. Along the way, Gordon pays visit to many shops, with Wayne thinking that he was just checking in on the proprietors, it turns out Gordon may or may not have been taking protection money and bribes. batman 26 664x1024 Batman 26 review

We then go back to Wayne looking to locate the other known former members of Dr Deaths team, but he is too late, as they have already changed into the hideous monsters following an injection. Some corrupt police are already on the scene and with no reason, open fire on our hero, leaving him to run away bleeding.

Whilst not a great deal happens in Batman 26, the comic is unmistakeably beautiful to look at. Once again, Cappulo’s drawings are incredible and the best around at the moment, whilst FCO Plascencia’s colours are vibrant – although if the city is in darkness, I’d expect the modern settings (not Wayne as a kid) to be a little – well darker.

Overall Thoughts:

Batman 26 is another excellent comic, but probably the weakest of the Zero Year arc to date. Who are we kidding though, it is still better than everything else out there right now.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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