Scott Derrickson to direct Doctor Strange

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Although Marvel are having problems finding a director for Ant-Man, they have secured a director for Doctor Strange – Scott Derrickson. All the details here.

scott derrickson Scott Derrickson to direct Doctor StrangeYou may not recognise the name yet, but you may have heard of his previous work. Scott Derrickson is the man behind (in our opinion) 2012’s best horror film Sinister, which starred Ethan Hawke as a crime writer who uncovers a box of snuff films in his new home. He is also the man behind The Exorcism of Emily Rose and the upcoming Deliver Us From Evil.

Now, Derrickson has scored the biggest job of his career to date; he will be directing the Marvel phase 3 movie Doctor Strange. For non-comic lovers, Doctor Strange is a superhero and the sorcerer supreme. After being involved in an accident that rendered his hands useless, Stephen Strange is taught the mystic ways of magic and becomes the best in the universe.

So, Marvel may be having trouble with Ant-Man, following Edgar Wright’s departure and Adam McKay passing on the offer, but at least they now have Doctor Strange tied up, although there is no news on who will play the character yet.

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