Open Grave review roundup (2013)

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Check out our Open Grave review roundup. Featuring multiple review excerpts, including our own, and the scores given. More after the break.

open grave Open Grave review roundup (2013)

“Gonzalo López-Gallego has crafted a brilliant indie film that will no doubt find a cozy, dark corner inside the horror genre.”

Screen Critix score 3/5

“Open Grave is a nice little low budget mystery horror film, and it will be interesting to see what Lopez-Gallago does next. Copley is certainly an actor to keep an eye on.”

Worlds Factory score 60/100

“In spite of a non-innovative plot, Open Grave could be a fun and cleverly entertaining film, instead of a wasted opportunity. A good beginning is poorly disrupted to reveal the flatness below, a collection of random points, building up to a resolution of the mystery that is predictable and not engaging. It’s a pity, because the director has a considerable visual flair, but has no way to take full advantage due to a weak screenplay. On a positive note, the lead actor Sharlto Copley has proven to have matured a lot since his debut in District 9.”

Seanski J review on Letterboxd score 3/5

“While it was disappointing, they did mix it up enough so that it wasn’t so bad. I would honestly recommend this film for a crazy one time viewing but it’s not necessarily a film I’d watch again.”

Rhino’s Horror score 4/5

“Think of Open Grave as rope in knots. Each passing second the twists and turns of the narrative slowly unravel it until we finally have enough rope to climb out of the very same grave we started in. Gonzalo López-Gallego has crafted a brilliant indie film that will no doubt find a cozy, dark corner inside the horror genre. It starts out simply as an open grave, but where it’s headed is truly the most terrifying part of it all because as they say, no secret can stay buried.”

Influx Magazine score C

“Open Grave would make a fine time-waster as a background film, but it never quite measures up to its bookended opening and closing shots that are far more powerful than anything that happens between them.”

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