Northern Lights (2016) review

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With her exams coming around fast, Emma is finding it increasingly difficult to keep everything together in the coming-of-age film Northern Lights. Check out our review of the film after the jump.

northern lights Northern Lights (2016) review

Growing up can be difficult, but with the loss of her mother, an alcohol depending father, anxiety attacks, seeking a psychiatrist and upcoming exams – Emma (Katie Quinn) has it worse than most. On the plus side though, she does have a likeable best friend called Rob (Rhys Cadman) and an annoying-yet-caring younger sister called Mia (Megan Grady); both of which want to help her get past her problems and go about doing so in their own ways.

Speaking of Rob, he has problems of his own; his health isn’t where it should be for a young man, due to heart problems. He is also head-over-heels in love with Emma, but finds himself in the dreaded “friend zone”. Mia knows he has a crush on her sister and is forever getting on his back to come clean.

Directed by Nicholas Connor, Northern Lights is a nice little drama film based in the North of England. Connor, who is a young yet talented filmmaker, has squeezed some great performances out of his cast, with Quinn, Cadman and Grady all showing some solid acting chops throughout, especially in the montage scenes of them having fun in Manchester, it looked natural as if they had always been friends in real life.northern lights poster Northern Lights (2016) review

Marco Fanton, who was the cinematographer on the piece, lenses the film really well, with some gorgeous looking shots throughout, especially in the dreamlike scenes featuring Emma surrounded by coloured smoke.

Others worth mentioning are Some Kind of Illness and the sound department. Some Kind of Illness have created a score that suits the tone of the film perfectly, whilst Jordan Feemster, Julia Strawinska and Oskar Strawinski have made sure that the audio is crisp and professional throughout.

Overall, Northern Lights is a decent drama with some great performances, especially towards the story’s resolution. It should do very well on the indie film festival circuit. If you have the chance to watch, do so.

4 / 5 stars     

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