Naruto Shippuden episode 337 review

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Naruto Shippuden episode 337 review, originally posted on, after the break. The war is finally reaching some kind of conclusion.

naruto shippuden 337 Naruto Shippuden episode 337 review

Bit of a strange one today. Why haven’t I reviewed Naruto Shippuden until now? Well the fillers came, I left, and it’s taken until now for me to regain interest in the show. I thought I’d start off with this episode, as the giant ninja battle seems to be heating up. Plus, I noticed on Crunchyroll that the masked man’s identity will be revealed soon. That definitely is interesting.

Right, so 377 in summary:

Sasuke and Itachi versus Kabuto, and his Orochimaru phallic symbol, seemingly reaches it’s conclusion. I found the ‘Izanami’ sequence, which saw Kabuto trapped in a loop of attacks, both good and frustrating. I think my tolerance for anything that seems like stalling is low, especially with Naruto’s reputation for fillers and flashbacks.

The battle sequences were fun to watch, in places, I always think Sasuke is entertaining to watch from a fighting perspective. Dude can be a little bit of a crybaby on occasion, and you feel like telling him to stop complaining. But the inevitable fight with Naruto is still appealing, I just wear it could be years before we see it.

The true highlight of the episode? Kabuto, he’s always fun to watch. I did laugh, however, at the Orochimaru phallic symbol he had suspiciously close to his, err, mid-section? Anyway, swiftly moving forward. Kabuto has long been a baddy to watch, and his infatuation with ‘finding himself’ is interesting to watch. An entire section of the episode was dedicated to the idea of how people ‘mimic’ first, and then find themselves eventually. Deep stuff.

Final thoughts:
This was an ok episode, not the best but not the worst. Geez, can you imagine trying to pick the worst Naruto episode ever? I’m sure that would be a challenge with all the fillers to choose from! Anyway, I enjoyed some of the battles, and I’m sure others did too, but the stalling can get quite annoying at times. The manga moves at such a fast pace in comparison, but money has to be made as long as possible right?

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