Microwave Massacre (1983) Blu-ray review

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A man gets fed up with his wife’s cooking, kills her and becomes a cannibal in the 1983 black comedy Microwave Massacre. Review right after this jump.

One thing about Arrow Video, they can certainly surprise people with their cult releases and Microwave Massacre is no exception. To be honest, I hadn’t even heard of the film until Arrow announced they were releasing it on Blu-ray this August.

Coming from 1983, Microwave Massacre stars late comedian Jackie Vernon as Donald – a hardworking builder who is frankly sick of how he is treated by his wife, May. One day, May spends a lot of money on a brand spanking new microwave and a drunken Donald flips and kills her. Unsure with how to dispose of the body, Donald cuts his newly-deceased wife into many parts and stores her in the fridge; only to accidently eat her hand during a midnight snack raid of the kitchen.

Sounds rather disgusting, doesn’t it? Well it is. Having tasted human meat, Donald soon starts craving for it which results in him killing more women to satisfy his desires.

microwave massacre Microwave Massacre (1983) Blu ray reviewMicrowave Massacre is certainly a B-Movie and may have a disgusting premise but it is played for laughs. There are some horrific moments but the comedy is present throughout, even if it does take a turn towards 70’s softcore porn in parts. Yes, there are boobs.

The acting can be a little on the wooden side at times and the cinematography isn’t the best, but hey, what can you expect from a  film called Microwave Massacre?

Arrow Video has also added some great special features to the disc, including a making-of featurette and audio commentary. As usual, there is reversible cover art and a fully-illustrated collector’s booklet too.

Overall, the film is okay but the presentation from Arrow is top notch again.

You can pre-order Microwave Massacre from Amazon now. Click Here.

2.5 / 5 stars     

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