Meat on Bones (2016) short film review

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A naive council worker gets more than he wishes for when tasked with serving an eviction notice to a caravan-dwelling alcoholic in the short film Meat on Bones.

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Why in the world do we not see more films set in Wales? It’s a beautiful country and the home of some fantastic talent. Now, after watching the short film Meat on Bones, I can also declare it’s the home of some fantastic up-and-coming talent like the cast and crew of this sixteen-minute film.

Gwyn (Matthew Aubrey) is a council worker who is tasked with serving an eviction notice to the owner of a Caravan. The said owner of the Caravan, Dai (Jams Thomas), has set it down on top of a cliff face next to the sea so he can live an isolated and lonely life with just himself and the bottle. Dai is not appreciative of being told to move so he decides to take his visitor prisoner without planning ahead and thinking of the consequences.

What follows is an utterly interesting and involving two-header as the two characters, who are from completely different worlds, learn all about each other during an unusual encounter.mob poster 728x1024 Meat on Bones (2016) short film review

Written and directed by Joseph Ollman, Meat on Bones is a beautiful short movie that is helped by two fantastic performances by Matthew Aubrey and Jams Thomas. Both men completely convince as the naive do-gooder and the alcoholic oddball respectively. Meat on Bones happens to be the first time I have had the pleasure of watched either actor perform, but now I shall be certainly looking out for their previous and future work.

Cinematography Christopher Spurdens does a fine job of lensing. From the stunning Welsh vistas, to a dark cave to the dreary-yet-beautiful beach, every shot is captured and lit very well. Most small budget productions wouldn’t dare attempt to shoot in a cave due to low light levels, and those that do often end up with a noise-filled catastrophe. Joseph Ollman had no issues at all it seems. It’s lit great and atmospheric.

Meat on Bones is an excellent drama that has added comedy and thriller elements to make it more captivating. Highly recommended to all.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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