Kuroko’s Basketball 2 episode 27 review

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Kuroko’s Basketball 2 episode 27 review, let’s see what Team Seiren is up to this episode! You just know that the Winter Cup is going to be awesome – but what about before?

kurokos basketball poster Kurokos Basketball 2 episode 27 review

“I honestly cannot wait for the competition to start”

Episode 27 presents an interesting angle. How good is the Generation of Miracles center? Can Kagami and Team Seiren handle him, and Kagami’s old friend. Dude spoilers? Chill out, not going to spoil anything. The dynamic was, however, interesting. The race towards the Winter Cup is heating up.

The thing I liked about this episode, apart from Kagami’s eyebrows, was the emphasis on the imperfections of the seemingly unstoppable Generation of Miracles. It seems that the series is going to give other characters a chance to shine.

As noted in the last episode, the team are currently participating in a street basketball competition. The game itself doesn’t last long for reasons I cannot go into, but it sets up the Winter Cup nicely. I honestly cannot wait for the competition to start. If I had to make a guess, I would say a warm up game will happen before the tournament.

Overall thoughts:

Solid episode. Not the best, of course, but we are working towards the Winter Cup. The build up is tense, and I find myself NEEDING to watch the next episode.

4 / 5 stars     

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