Josh Brolin defends Ben Affleck’s Batman casting

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Josh Brolin has stated in interviews today, while promoting his new film Labor Day, that rather than joining the many tearing into Ben Affleck for his appointment as the latest incarnation of the Dark Knight, he is expecting good things from the Oscar winner.

Brolin stated that a 10-15 year old performance (Daredevil) cannot be held against a performer that has matured so much in recent outings.

When asked how close he got to the Batman role Josh quoted the fail-safe that he ‘didn’t know’, but did say that he had been trying to figure out what his more mature version would have involved. Fans have asked for Brolin to be given the cape ever since the movie Batman vs. Superman was announced. With many feeling that The Dark Knight Returns would be the source material, Brolin could have been a great pick.

Labor Day is currently being plugged at the Toronto International Film Festival and includes co-stars of Kate Winslet and Toby Maguire. It is due for release at Christmas. Batman vs. Superman is penciled in for a Summer 2015 release.

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