Infinite Stratos Season 1 review

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Infinite Stratos Season 1 review, the DVD will be released on the 17th of February. I guess I would describe it as an action based anime, as you read on you realize why I quote ‘I guess’.

infinite stratos series 1 collection Infinite Stratos Season 1 review

“This anime is for teenage boys starting to go through puberty that don’t have the courage to download porn.”

In the not so distant future a creator invents the Infinite Stratos system. Basically they are mechanical devices that surround a humans body for combat with different kinds of weapons specializations. To make sure every country in the world is equal in power it is decided that all countries are to have the same level of models at all times and all users are to be taught in the same academy. Infinite Stratos is unique and can only be controlled by women. untilĀ Ichika Orimura comes along.

Ichika Orimura accidently stumbled across an ‘IS’ (Infinite Stratos) unit when taking exams at school, which reacted to his control. Japan seeing an opportunity with this event places Ichika in the international academy for ‘IS’ training. Considering the ‘IS’ units can only normally be controlled by women, Ichika is the only male in his school. The first season concentrates on Ichika and his fellow classmates going through ‘IS’ training and what it entails, sort of.

The English dubs are below average. The French and German accents are terrible, the English accent is annoyingly irritating and imitated. It is probably better to have the subs.

Now when I say this anime is action, twenty percent of it is. The rest of it is all the fifteen year old girls acting desperate and easy towards the main character Ichika. When I say desperate and easy, I mean over the top. There are several times where the girls have had their boobs out. It’s verging on soft porn to be honest. Especially if you watch it in English dubs with the terrible accents.

Being an anime fan I appreciate most anime characters have very defined assets. This is not what I dislike. Watching this anime almost made me feel uncomfortable with how the girls were acting to the only male character. If Chris Hemsworth (actor who played Thor) were right here in front of me (yes please) I would not act like that, let alone would I know how to act like that at fifteen.

Overall thoughts:
This anime is for teenage boys starting to go through puberty that don’t have the courage to download porn. The few combat scenes that there are, don’t make up for the fact of how the teenage girls are portrayed.

1.5 / 5 stars     

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