Batman vs. Superman rumoured plot details

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Some rumoured plot details for 2016’s Batman vs. Superman movie have appeared online. We obviously don’t know if there is any truth to them, but they do sound interesting.

A rumour has appeared online thanks to a NeoGaf user whose name is James Woods (no, not that one). Apparently, one of his friends was working as an art designer on the blockbuster but had to leave production after the release date was put back nine months. metallo Batman vs. Superman rumoured plot details

According to the rumours, both Lex Luthor and Metallo will be the villains of the piece. Let’s take a look at all those plot rumours.

. The villians are Lex Luthor and Metallo.
Batman forms a UN type deal to stop Superman from destroying another city.
. Aquaman is in it, but not called Aquaman. He’s there because the world engine in the ocean did something to the fish.
. Jason Momao is definitely up for Aquaman.
. Wonder Woman poses as a Wayne Enterprises investor to retrieve an item that belongs to her people.
. Lex Luthor is in the shadows a lot, a manipulator. Not much face time with Superman.
. Robin betrayed Batman at some point, leading to a falling out between them.
. The Batcave was super cool looking, and the mobile looked similar to [Tim] Burton’s.
. Lois is investigating Lex.
. Metallo “kills” Clark.
. The Daily Planet is bought by Lex Luthor for PR purposes.
. At the end Superman is living in exile, and the Justice League is an government approved superhero team.”

I think we can all agree that the rumours do sound interesting and, although we had doubts about the movie, if they can get it right, it could be a huge hit critically and financially.

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