Avatar sequels to start filming in October 2014

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According to Sam Worthington, James Cameron is set to start filming the Avatar sequels in October 2014.

The sci-fi action film Avatar is currently the most successful movie in history, making an incredible $2.782 billion in the box office worldwide. Director James Cameron, who also made the second biggest film of all-time in Titanic, is hard at work in pre-production for three sequels. avatar navi Avatar sequels to start filming in October 2014

According to an interview by Nova 96.9 with Sam Worthington, who starred in the original and will be returning to the role, filming is set to start in twelve months.

“We are going to start [shooting] this time next year and we will do two, three and four. I’ll be grateful if it finishes!”

Worthington also added that the three sequels be released on year after the other in December 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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