52 Pick-Up (1986) Blu-ray review

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When Roy Schneider is blackmailed by a ruthless gang who threatens to reveal details of his sordid affair to the press, he decides to take matters into his own hands. We review the Arrow Video release of 52 Pick-Up.

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The late and great Roy Schneider is the star of 52 Pick-Up. Mostly known for his roles in the monster blockbuster Jaws and the Oscar winning The French Connection, here he plays Harry ‘Mitch’ Mitchell, a successful business man who runs a steelworks and who is married to a potential local governor. As well as being wealthy, he also has the taste for women and has been seeing a young stripper behind his wife’s back.

Whilst on a visit to his mistress’ apartment, he is confronted by a masked gang who show him a video they have made of him meeting up for his booty calls. They want money or the video will be spread wide. With his wife coming up in the local governor’s election, he has no option than to tell her about the affair before turning his attention to his tormentors.

Originally released in 1986, 52 Pick-Up is a surprisingly good action thriller, with Schneider in a role that we are accustomed to him playing. He isn’t really likeable, but we can’t help but want him to succeed in beating the blackmailers. He does well with the material, which has strong dialogue and some rather surprisingly sleazy scenes.

52 pick up 52 Pick Up (1986) Blu ray reviewThe 80’s was a great era for action movies, just look at Die Hard, Predator, Aliens, Commando and more for evidence on that statement, and 52 Pick-Up, which was directed by John Frankenheimer (Ronin, The Manchurian Candidate), is a great addition to the beloved genre.

As with all Arrow Video releases, they have done a great transfer job with the film, and filled the Blu-rays with some fantastic extras. There are some exclusive audio commentaries, a guide to all the pornographic actors that appeared in 52 Pick-Up, the original theatrical trailer, a reversible sleeve and a collectors booklet for all first prints.

52 Pick-Up is certainly recommended for fans of action thrillers, 80’s movies and the works of the late great Roy Schneider and John Frankenheimer.

You can order the Blu-ray from the Arrow store today.

4 / 5 stars     

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