The Temptation Game (2016) short film review

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Marriages can be complicated, especially when one half insists on playing a game that could lead to dire consequences. We review the first film from director Charline Odiot – The Temptation Game.

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We hardly ever get to review erotically-charged films here at Screen Critix, which is strange as they where all the rage back in the early 1990’s, with Basic Instinct, Body of Evidence and Sliver leading the way. Now, thanks to first-time director Charline Odiot, one landed on our desk entitled ‘The Temptation Game’; a thirteen minute long look at relationships, trust and jealousy.

At first glance, Laura (Jessica Graham) and Craig (Ross Crain) seem to be like most couples, but Laura insists on testing her partner love and fidelity by playing a game with him. She will portray a successful and attractive actress in the bedroom, but he must fight his natural sexual urges. This make sound like a bit of fun but, as Craig soon finds out, it’s far more serious.

The Temptation Game is shot very brightly, with the apartment location having white walls, the bed covers are white and even the two characters underwear (whilst the have them on) are white also. If this is a directorial decision to represent the purity of a relationship or not, I do not know (maybe I’m reading too much into it), but it does work. The audio is crisp throughout and the sound design works also.temptation game poster The Temptation Game (2016) short film review

I took a couple of things away after watching The Temptation Game. One being that Charline Odiot is a name I will now look out for. The young director is not afraid of thinking outside of the box and creating films that are maybe a little left field from the norm. She has created here a though-provoking sexual short film that will linger in the mind for sometime to come.

Graham and Crain did a wonderful job as the couple. I had never seen their work before either, but now I shall also be rooting out all previous and future performances. The both had great chemistry and screen presence in The Temptation Game and I’m sure they will carve out respectable careers for themselves.

Overall, The Temptation Game is original, erotic, and utterly interesting – what more do you want from a short film?





4 / 5 stars     

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