Unearthed (2017) short film review

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A woman, busy digging a deep hole in the middle of the woods, is constantly interrupted by her daughter in the short film Unearthed. Check out our review.

After suffering at the hands of an abusive husband for years, a mother (Aimee Klein) has seemingly snapped and killed her tormentor. She is busy digging a hole in the woods, big enough to bury a body. Although she has been told to wait patiently in the truck, the woman’s daughter (Anya Clites) begs to help dispose of her father much to the aghast of her mother.unearthed Unearthed (2017) short film review

Unearthed runs in at just over nine minutes in length (including end credits) and is certainly an interesting piece from director Daniel Bergeson. We normally don’t recommend crew members or filmmakers to take on too much work and let designated people work on each individual role when it comes to crafting a short but, in this instance, we have to applaud Bergeson. Not only did he manage to direct Unearthed, he also wrote, edited, produced (alongside Rodney Bergeson) and composed the score and he did a wonderful job with all. The short looks and sounds excellent throughout and although the film, for the majority, takes place beside the makeshift grave, it never gets boring. That’s a testament to great writing and great acting.

Unearthed kind of reminded me of 2010’s Winter’s Bone, which kickstarted Jennifer Lawrence’s acting career. It had a similar vibe and setting (although this was set in the summer). Both Aimee Klien and Anya Clites do a wonderful job portraying the mother and daughter. Klein does well as a woman who has committed a terrible crime but with good reason. She is coming to terms with a tragedy that was bestowed upon her life and we, as the audience, feel it throughout the performance.

Strangely, there wasn’t a credit given for the cinematographer, so I can only assume that either (or both) Daniel Bergeson or Rodney Bergeson took up that duty as well. The shots are lensed to great effect and some, with the help of a jib, look cinematic and polished. Something I always look for when reviewing independent shorts and features.

Watching Unearthed is a great way to spend ten minutes and we at Screen Critix highly recommend doing so. This may be the first time we have had the pleasure of watching a film by Daniel and Rodney Bergeson, but we definitely hope it’s not the last.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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