The Deja Vuers (2016) short film review

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A woman is approached by a man who says he dreamed of her the night before in the short comedy film The Deja Vuers. Check out our review, right here.

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We’ve all had the sense of Deja Vu before – a feeling that we have already played out a certain scenario in our lifetime at some point. Of course, it could all just be a glitch in the matrix, or maybe something else is happening entirely. Morgan (played by Christie Devine) is minding her own business whilst eating her lunch on a park bench when she is approached by a man called Chuck (Kris Salvi). Chuck tells Morgan that he had dreamt about meeting her on that very bench the night before. Obviously Morgan is sceptical, but when Chuck tells her what food she was eating in her dream (it’s fruit salad), Morgan begins to believe.

This leads to a rather awkward conversation where both parties decide to rip into each other’s appearance for no real reason and then Chuck’s rather upfront proposal of sex. They are soon interrupted by the arrival of a man claiming to be Morgan’s ancestor who has travelled from the past to prevent her from doing the dirty with the stranger. Does this sound strange? Well, it is, but in a good way.The Deja Vuers 693x1024 The Deja Vuers (2016) short film review

The Deja Vuers is a strange premise, filmed in one location with a handful of actors, and it never gets boring. In fact, I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed director Chris Esper’s short effort. It has some great performances in it and it looks and sounds good too.

We have had the pleasure of reviewing a few of Chris’ short films before (Still Life & Please Punish Me) and it’s plain to see that he is improving with every film he does.

The Deja Vuers is short, doesn’t really make a ton of sense, but it’s certainly enjoyable. Recommended viewing indeed.

4 / 5 stars     

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