The Colony (2013) review

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The world is under another ice age, killing nearly all of the world’s population. For a colony of survivors, the harsh weather, disease and lack of food is the least of their worries. Here is the review of The Colony.

Snow covers the Earth. People have nearly become extinct. A group of survivors take shelter underground in an industrial building. In order to survive, the colony grow their own plants and save the seeds, in hope of the weather changing so they can start afresh above land. Run by Briggs (Laurence Fishburne), there are strict rules in place and anyone with a common cold or flu symptoms (as it’s a killer apparently) are sent to quarantine and, should they not recover quickly, shot outside by Mason (Bill Paxton) – a man who can’t be reasoned with and wants to be the leader. the colony poster The Colony (2013) review

The colony soon takes a distress signal from another known colony and Briggs and two volunteers go out to help. When they get there, they soon find out things are a lot worse than imagined. The whole colony has been slaughtered by some type of cannibals/vampires/inbreds (it’s never explained).

The Colony does start off interesting and does have a decent premise, but loses its way about halfway through. It seems like part of the movie was rushed, either by the writer or in post-production. The film is full of exposition too, little things that come out of nowhere, but you know it will play an important part later in the film – the little pickpocket for instance.

The main cast all do well with the material, the effects are decent and the locations, but there are better films similar to this, 30 Days of Night for example. All in all, it’s certainly not a bad movie and worth a watch.

2.5 / 5 stars     

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