The Apocalypse (2013) short film review

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In Andrew Zuchero’s short film The Apocalypse, four bored friends realise that even a little idea can make your head explode – literally. Read the review after the jump.

It’s the weekend and four friends casually laze about in a living room watching the television. When one comes up with an idea to diminish their boredom, his head blows up. It turns out that he wasn’t the only one, as human and animal heads start to blow up all over the world. the apocalypse 300x168 The Apocalypse (2013) short film review

Within no time, only one of the friends remains, but then another resident of the building walks in to find out what’s been happening – a stunning European girl, wearing only a towel.

Andrew Zuchero has made an interesting little short film (its run time is little over 5 minutes) that makes you wonder – what if? What would you do if this happened? In reality, there is very little you could do; which is a flaw to the premise. If a single idea can kill you, then everyone would die instantly. The European girl would have thought about walking down the stairs, the ambulance guy would have thought about knocking on the door and so on.

The film itself looks nice, and has utilized the slider well, the colouring is vibrant and sound design is nice. Also, while it still looks fake, the visual effects are decent for such a low budget.

The film was nominated for the Sundance short film Grand Jury prize, but ultimately lost out to The Whistle.

Is the film worth watching? Absolutely.

4 / 5 stars     

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