Revenge (2016) short film review

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A murderer is haunted by the ghost of the woman he killed in the short film Revenge. Check out our review after the jump.

Although the story of Revenge has been told many times in many different formats, this short film is still very enjoyable. With a little exposition in the form of a news report, we find out that the body of a woman has been found and that police are looking into finding the culprit. A man (Keith Marshall) returns home only the be plagued by telephone calls and an answering machine message of a woman laughing, which then leads to a confrontation with a spirit looking for revenge.

Revenge comes in at a little over seven minutes long and it could have been even shorter. The film does linger on a few shots too long, I feel. For example, there is thirty seconds of watching the man just washing his hands and looking in the mirror. That could have been chopped right down and it still would have had the same eerie impact when the phone starts to ring.

revenge poster 791x1024 Revenge (2016) short film reviewThe picture quality is decent, though it does have some noise in certain sections. This is due to it simply being too dark with little lighting, but you can see what the director was going for in terms of setting the right mood for the film.

Talking of the director, this is Robert Sean Campbell’s first effort in filmmaking, having been an actor in such films as The Choice Point and S.E.R.P, both of which we have reviewed in the past.

The sound design is nice, with some good Foley effects and an atmospheric score. What I also enjoyed with Revenge was the visual effects. Yes, they were obviously done cheaply and I have seen better in some other shorts, but I appreciated the effort that went into them, especially the writing on the steam-covered mirror.

All-in-all, Revenge isn’t groundbreaking, but it is a decent little thriller and a good first short film by Robert Sean Campbell.

3 / 5 stars     

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