MetaHunter (2019) short film review

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A short mockumentary by director Georgia Agbodjan, Metahunter sees us delve into the world of retired superheroes. Check out our review.

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For the last decade, superhero movies have dominated the box office. Yes, they have been successful since the 1970s, but ever since the dawn of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting with the Robert Downey Jnr. starring Iron Man and up to this year’s Avengers: End Game, the superhero genre has been the absolute pinnacle of money-making blockbusters.


Now, at just over five minutes in length, MetaHunter adds to the genre in a new and unique way. Shown like a documentary, we get to see how some humans were born with superpowers, how some managed to use their powers for good and how some became supervillains.

The short mostly focuses on the story of Samuel Crane (played by Richie Gray) as he tells his story of how he used to use his powers before being retired and neutralized two years earlier. Being neutralized is a medical procedure which takes away the superpowers in order to become a normal human. Think “Superman II” when our titular hero underwent a procedure to live a normal life with Lois Lane.Still008 300x168 MetaHunter (2019) short film review

Made for just an incredible $28 and shot in just two days with just one actor, one camera and one lens, Metahunter is quite a remarkable feat. I love it when creators don’t allow obstacles to be placed in front of them. SO often you hear excuses for not making films. “I don’t have a budget”, “I only have a DSLR camera” etc, etc. Georgia Agbodjan deserves as many plaudits as possible for just getting up and making something.

Whilst the short is mostly made up of an interview with Samuel Crane, intercut with shots of him leading a normal life alongside shots of comic books, I really found MetaHunter to be an intriguing premise. The idea that former superheroes walk amongst trying to adjust to being a “normal” human really struck a chord. It’s a great idea that is worthy of being expanded into a full feature film. I think that even those who are a little tired of the cinema being oversaturated with “hero” movies would be interested in seeing something like that.

MetaHunter is (very) short and is pretty basic in terms of how it looks and was mae, but I can honestly say that I really enjoyed it. Let’s hope Georgia Agbodjan expands upon this concept. It could be something very special.

4 / 5 stars     

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