Last Vegas review (2013)

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Four life-long friends in their twilight years visit Las Vegas for a stag party and show that age is just a number in Last Vegas. We have the Last Vegas review right here.

last vegas Last Vegas review (2013)

With Last Vegas, we get four all-time great actors. Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline have played iconic characters in the past and all four have won Oscars. So the film already has an inspirational cast.

Going on seventy-years old, Billy (Michael Douglas) is scared of growing older as friends around him are passing away. To keep his mind at ease, he is dating a woman half his age (we are still talking about Douglas’ character and not real life here) and he proposes to her. She says yes, so he decides to round-up his old gang for one last weekend of debauchery in Sin City itself – Las Vegas.

The only problem is, his old gang are the same age and their bodies can’t quite keep up with their heads. Paddy (Robert De Niro) is a widower who now hates Billy due to him not going to his wife’s funeral, Archie (Morgan Freeman) had a stroke recently and is mothered by his son, and lastly there is Sam (Kevin Kline) whose wife has given him permission to have sex woman in Las Vegas. last vegas poster Last Vegas review (2013)

Last Vegas is often very funny with some great gags about age and growing old disgracefully. The movie can also be quite touching too. We are watching some of the greatest actors of our generation on screen and age really is hitting them all. Douglas at one point says “I was only just seventeen, where has the time gone.” That line really did hit me. It only just feels like last year when the likes of Romancing the Stone, A Fish called Wanda, Driving Miss Daisy and The Untouchables were released to the world – yet it was nearly thirty years ago.

All the performances in Last Vegas were great, including that of Mary Steenburgen (who we don’t see on screen often enough these days) as a Vegas lounge singer who falls for one of the men in the group.

One thing I can also say for the movie, it looks like it was great fun to make for all four of the actors.

Overall Thoughts:

Funny and often touching, Last Vegas is a great comedy romp featuring four legendary actors having the time of their lives.

3.5 / 5 stars     

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